Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 2: Favorite Movie(s)

It wasnt long ago that my best friend, Jeannie, started blogging. I have been doing this for years but as you, my faithful followers know, I am TERRIBLE at writing often. Its so easy to start jotting down your thoughts and ideas and then it becomes a once a week or once a month occasion that you have something interesting enough to share. Jeannie started a 30 day blog challenge and I am going to participate. I just spent all weekend with her and my other friends from college and as always it was entertaining. I am working on some new ideas and I think in 30 days I will have another 30 days worth of material.

In case you too are mentally blocked feel free to participate. So day 1 is about your favorite song, since I just blogged about this a few days ago and I like to make my own rules, I am going to skip this. I am starting with day 2 about my favorite movie(s).

Animal House
"My advice to you, is to start drinking Heavily"- Bluto
If you havent seen my favorite movie of all times then I dont know that I want to be friends with you. This movies sums up what college should be. Raunchy parties, nights you cant remember with friends you can never forget. This was one of my Dad's favorite movies and I was allowed to watch the entire thing when I was in middle school. We would watch this everytime it came on tv. We watched this and 15 days of Bond. 

"Hey, everybody, we're all gonna get laid!"- Rodney Dangerfield
Again, a classic movie that has spanned generations. Everytime I watch Bill Murray take a bite of that baby ruth I crack up. This was another of my Dad's favorites that he forced me to watch, much to my mothers dismay. She thought it was raunchy, which it is. I do love a raunchy comedy.

The Goonies
"You idiot! That's my mom's most favorite piece"- Sean Astin
This movies was the start to many young careers. It also entertained me endlessly as a child. My niece and nephew love it so much that I bought them their own copy last christmas. The adventure these kids take is one that all children have dreamed of. I wanted to go find Chester Copperpots gold when I was little. Its an innocent time when riding your bike across a county was acceptable and safe. 

Weird Science
"I can be a real bitch if I don't get what I want"- Kelly LeBrock
This is another classic 80s movie that continues to make me laugh everytime. I wish I could have been a teenager in the 80s. The music, the clothes, the HAIR. I love the 80s. I love 80s high school movies, I love John Hughes and I choose this to be my favorite of that genre. 

Meet me in St Louis
"I can't handle 20 men alone, I admit it"
My mother searched the internet to find me this movie this past Christmas. This is a classic musical and a classic Christmas movie. I watch it over and over an still love it. 


Jeannie said...

I am not doing very good with the challenge though. Not having internet at home makes it hard. I guess I'll catch up tomorrow.

Coastal Belle said...

I was planning on writing at your house this weekend. i forgot you dont have real internet.

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