Thursday, January 22, 2009


Growing up I bonded with my parents in different ways. I never paid attention to the actual act of family bonding until I was a senior in High School and knew I should get some quality time in before my life changed forever.

In high school my mom and I would go shopping together on saturdays. We always shopped together and still do, it transformed from a meaningless shopping trip to time that we valued together when I became a teenager. She is my favorite shopping buddy, and we love to help each other find deals and outfits. My Dad and I used to play golf together. We'd hit the course once a month or so and even in college we would play on vacations and when I'd come home to visit. I've hit some of my most amazing shots with my Dad, he was the biggest fan of my golfing. Once I hit a drive that cut to the left and hit a palm tree and bounced perfectly in the fairway. It was beautiful and very lucky. He was my golfing good luck charm.

My mom and I also used to cook together, I remember when I was about 11 years old my mother agreed to let me bake brownies by myself. I had always been her helper in the kitchen, measuring and cracking eggs but I had never made anything by myself. It was a big step. My mom took me to the store and I bought all of the ingredients to make the most delicious fudge brownies ever! Well I was so excited that I guess I didnt read the instructions properly and I reversed the oil and water measurements. We had a pan full of chocolatey goo. It was a disaster and there were tears. My Dad went to the store and bought me a new package of mix and this time my mom helped me and they really were the best brownies EVER! Well we still cook together and even went to a cake decorating class together last year (see below). I think that I love cooking because of her.

Now the reason for this blog's topic and title is because as I was flipping through the channels this afternoon I came upon a 007 marathon. When I was a little girl my Dad and I would watch tv together after dinner. He taught me about some great shows and movies. MacGyver, Smokey and the Bandit, Caddyshack, and most importantly James Bond. TBS used to run the 15 days of Bond and my Dad and I would sit down in front of the tv and watch every Bond movie over the course of 2 weeks. Still to this day when I come across a Bond movie I have to watch it and it will always remind me of him. I dont have a picture of us playing golf or watching movies. In fact I dont have many pictures of just the two of us. I found this one which shows where I get my fun loving nature from, Mr. 007 himself.

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