Wednesday, October 27, 2010

day 30!!! a motto or philosophy

My Senior quote was "While walking down the yellow brick road, dance with the scarecrow". This was my philosophy going into college. It worked. I had the time of my life and that scarecrow was an amazing dancer.

Day to day I live my life by this motto "A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous" Coco Chanel said that. I try everyday to be both of those things.

But my philosophy on life from here on out is this. "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to slide in sideways, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, screaming HOLY SHIT what a ride"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 29: Hopes, Dreams, Plans for the next 365 days

Get out of debt. That is the first hope/dream/goal. After losing my job last April my finances have taken a hit. I want to get back to the lifestyle I loved and back in the designer shoes I was clacking around in.

I HOPE to settle down with a good man in the next year (fingers crossed).
I DREAM about getting back into my career path and burning that trail up.
My GOAL is to save up some money and wear a bikini next summer.

I feel like everyone's goal is to lose weight. I kinda like my curves as you have read before. I go to the gym and ride my bike to work to stay in shape. I'm in decent shape. I dont have a flat stomach or great arms. I dont really care either though. I think if I gave up eating out and drinking for a month I would lose 10 lbs but that doesnt sound like fun so my beer belly and I will keep on partying.

Day 28: a scar you have and its story

It is rare to get snow in South Carolina. It is even rarer to get a foot of it. In January of 2000 this phenomenon occurred. I was a junior in high school and this photo was taken the day of the big snow. Those were my 3 best friends: Katie, Lindsey, and Kelly. We spent the day playing in the snow with our best guy friends: Bo, Benjamin, Lex and Will. We built snow forts and had a snowball fight. Bo's mom made snow cream for all of us. I played so hard and had so much fun that day.

I woke up the next morning with a cramp in my side. Over the next few hours it got progressively worse. I called my mom as I was hunched over the toilet and said something just isnt right. She told me I played to hard and would get over it. I spent the next 2 hours vomiting and the pain got worse. She finally took me to the doctor. I was admitted to the hospital that night and after a day of tests and discovered I had an ovaric cyst that had grown too large and was cutting off the circulation to my ovary.

They went in laproscopically in an emergency surgery on a Thursday night. I woke up the next morning to find that I couldnt sit up and it hurt to talk, laugh, breath. They werent able to save my ovary and had to cut me in C Section form to get it out. So I have a 6" long scar at the base of my abdomen, too low to take a photo that I want to put on the internet. It all happened so fast that my friends didnt even know I was in the hospital.

I made it home a day later and couldnt sit up without assistance for a few days. It hurt so bad to laugh that I didnt even want anyone to come visit. The worst part about the whole thing (if you've had a C Section or this surgery you'll know what i mean) is that I had abs. I had this great flat 16 year old stomach that was cut open. I know have this permanent little pooch at the bottom that I'm very self conscious about. I talked to a plastic surgeon who said I will never lose the weight there. I would have to have liposuction periodically for the rest of my life. GRRR... oh well, thats my scar and my story.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 27: a physical feature you love

I'm going to admit, I am kind of ready for this blog challenge to be over. I've been working on some things for the holidays including a few wish lists and shopping lists that you will enjoy. With only 4 posts left in this set I was asked to write about a physical feature I love.

Now on myself I really love my eyes, and my nose, oh and my great boobs! I like my lips too, I think they are just pouty enough. Okay, I'm happy in my own skin. Here I am with my friend Jeannie showing my favorite features. 
But lets get down and dirty. Lets talk about what feature I love on the opposite sex......No not that, we are keeping this PG 13. I have my own name for the sexiest part of the male body, not many men have them but my favorite male celebrities do. Find the common denominator...hint. its not their abs.

See that little indention on their sides where their pelvis starts? I call them Penis pointers and I love them. I know most people will be more discreet and say they love eyes, smiles, great arms, maybe even abs. I'm just being blunty honest, even if my mom is reading this (Hi Mom, I'm sure you agree with me on this one!) The Penis pointers lead the the feature I love the most!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 26: A childhood memory

Only 4 posts left until I have to actually put thought into my topics again. I was asked yesterday what my blog was about and it caught me off guard. its about ME silly. So today's topic is a childhood memory.

My childhood is filled with all sorts of happy memories. I grew up in a typical 80s neighborhood, it wasnt gated or fancy. We could ride our bikes until the sun went down and I remember playing ball in the front yard on a summer evening, daughters vs dads. It was lots of fun. I remember the moms standing on the sidelines with glasses of wine watching us all run to the bases made of oven mitts or dogwood trees.

I also loved to play dress up and had all kinds of fun with my Dad's hats, hats that I made and of course Princess crowns.

I also had a really bad haircut and looked like a boy most of my childhood. I remember being a child and having pool parties in the summer and my parents would grill out. I guess all of these memories can be summed up to say that I value family and its the times that I was with my family and friends together that are my most treasured memories. That and the fun hats.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 25: A Recipe and life update

If you actually read my blog I apologize profusely for disappearing for a month. Seriously I'm VERY VERY sorry. The goal of the 30 day challenge was to build up new readers and I didnt follow through. In the past month I have moved back to downtown Savannah with 2 new roommates. Moving downtown brought me closer to my much loved social life. I've had a Glee preview party every Tuesday night, happy hour every Wed night, $1 champagne night every Thursday night, and I have never blogged on the weekends. SO, that being said, I'm living it up right now and havent had time to blog. I promise I will be better.

Day 25 was supposed to be a recipe. So, here is my recipe for 3 cheese crostinis my new fav app.

1 baguette
fresh basil leaves
ricotta cheese
mozzarella cheese
Parmesan cheese

cut the baguette into small slices. drizzle olive oil on the slices and place one basil leaf on each to cover it. mix the cheeses together and spoon the mixture on top of the leaf. Broil in the oven until golden brown

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