Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall Style

I was asked by my friend Stephanie to help style a fall photo shoot. Here is what we came up with. I wanted to share. Go to her blog to see what your family should wear this fall. Because Coastal Belle said its the cool stuff to wear. I'm the new Michael Kors. Check it out

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Surfer Boy

Its time for another iheartfaces weekly photo competition. This is a photo I took of my then beau on Hermosa Beach, CA. It was a great day because I flew out to Cali to drive back across country with him. This was the day of my arrival. I watched the sun rise on the east coast at the Savannah airport and set on this beautiful beach. I shot this with a nikon coolpix camera, nothing flashy or expensive. There has been no photoshopping or touching up in this photo. Just a great evening on the beach and beautiful scenery.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 22: A website

My favorite website to kill time and exercise my brain is

This site is full of quizes. It will give you a category and sometimes clues and you have to fill in the blanks. Spelling counts. My favorite is name all of the presidents in a minute. Name all of the countries in the world. Try it, it will probably make you feel stupid but you can learn form the quizzes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the sun never sets on being a badass

My good friend Stephanie is my photography mentor. Often times when I talk to professional photographers about my amateur photography they get mad because I have paid gigs. I dont understand this. Stephanie has supported me from day 1 and is always there to offer advice. She isnt competitive with me, she is a lot better than me which is probably why! She enters these photo contests and I want to be more serious about my passion so I am entering the Iheartfaces week 33 photo contest. I've never done this before and hope I do it right. This weeks contest is sunglasses. I chose a photo from a fashion shoot I did for Custard Boutique. This is my friend Ana walking some strangers dog in the park. here is my entry

check out iheartfaces if you want to see my competition

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 21: Something you know you do differently than most people

I know other people that do this but not MOST people. My nephew does it too. I like to think he gets it from me. When I eat meals I eat one thing at a time on my plate. I dont like for my food to touch. Even more importantly I eat in a clockwise order if I'm eating off a plate. Weird I know but at least I can say it runs in the family!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 20: A Hobby of yours

We all know I love photography and karaoke. We know I also love boys and meeting new people. Jeannie used cooking as her talent and I'm going to use it as my hobby. This past weekend we had a going away party for my roommate, Katie. I decided to make my go to dish of Mexican Queso. Its 2 packages of cream cheese, 1 tube of Jimmy Dean spicy sausage (cooked for you blondes that might not assume that), and one can of rotel (drained). put it all in a crock pot and let it get hot and melty. Its great

My real hobby and talent comes in the form of Italian food. I'm going to give you 2 recipes that are my go to dishes to impress people.

Parmesan Risotto- This dish is great because it is diverse. You can add meat to it or vegetables. It can be used as a side of a main dish. Here is the base....
1 cup arborio rice (this is important, make sure to get the right kind)
onion (to taste)
Parmesan Cheese
olive oil
White wine (cheap stuff)
Chicken broth

ok, In a skillet sauté some chopped onions in a little olive oil. add the cup of rice and toast the rice for about 2 minutes
pour in just enough white wine to touch every piece of rice. As the wine is absorbed add more(about 1 cup total)
when all of the wine has been absorbed do the same thing with the chicken broth. This may take a few cups. Keep adding as the liquid is soaked up until the rice is creamy and not crunchy.
Add in a handful of Parmesan cheese and any other toppings you want.
Total time: about 20 min

Farfalle in homeade cream sauce: This is designed to feed a crowd and can also be altered with different ingredients. My favorite is shrimp, peas, mushrooms, and bacon.

Whipping Cream
garlic clove

In a skillet sauté 1 garlic clove with a little olive oil.
add a small container of whipping cream, a pinch of salt, and a tsp of oregano....bring to a simmer
turn skillet off when sauce starts to simmer.
Boil water for farfalle.
by the time the farfalle pasta is cooked the sauce should be thick and can be added to the pasta. Top with your ingredients

If you try these out let me know what you think!!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 19: A talent of yours

I have not had the time or energy to continue the 30 day blog. We celebrated my roommates pending move to Columbia for grad school. I had 8 people crammed in my small apartment.

I have many talents including photography, singing (some may say), and cooking. There are lots of people that have these talents. I tried to choose a talent that sets me apart. I think my ability to always be myself is a true talent. Whether I'm with my family, friends from college, colleagues at work or a total stranger...I'm always the same person. No one can say I'm fake. I dont know if this is talent or just a personality trait but I like to think its something that I've worked on and continue to work on, thus its a talent!

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