Thursday, June 25, 2009


4am, cant sleep. I think my sleep cycle is out of whack. I've been going to bed around 1 or 2 and waking up around 10 every morning. This morning I slept till after 1130!!! Maybe I got too much sleep last night and now cant sleep tonight.

I also have some problems with anxiety and its always bad for some reason the week before my period (this week). My legs tend to hurt which makes me anxious. My doctor said it has something to do with the iron in your body moving to your uterus. Sorry for any boys who are reading this it may be TMI.

Do any of you have problems like that? My Dr said I might have PMDD but of course didnt give me anything for it. So last night I laid in bed wide awake and my left arm started to hurt then I had heartburn and the anxiety of it all convinced me I was having a heart attack. I took a xanax and finally went to sleep. All to wake up way too late this morning.

Now its night 2 and my legs are cramping and I feel like my heart is racing (i dont think it actually is, i think its in my head). Why do I feel like I'm going crazy? Someone tell me I'm not alone.

Monday, June 22, 2009

For Richer for POORER

I was in a wedding over the weekend. My college roommate and sorority sister married her boyfriend of 5 years. He was in the frat that we hung out with all the time and there are about 10 of us who are best friends and always hang out together. We take trips every year and I'm sure we will be those people who spend a week at the beach every summer with our kids.

So during the vows the groom emphasized for POORER. I got to thinking about how Poor i feel lately. I've been saving money buy eating lots of sandwiches, rice, potatoes, and hot dogs. No more funky stinky cheeses. I've also been saving money by not going out. Its starting to wear on me so today I decided I want my old life back and its time to get serious about this job hunt. Job hunt 09 is now at a level orange.

I need a job so that when I need to buy some more zyrtec (current situation) I can easily afford it! I considered starting a facebook cause called "hey man can I have a dollar" and having all of my friends donate $1 to me. I have over 1100 friends and that would help out but I havent done it yet. So as you are reading this click on my ads over to the right so that I can earn a little extra cash.

People always blame their parents when things dont go right in their life. I blame my parents for me expecting to make lots of money. I feel that I deserve nice things and should have them so not being able to buy clothes or other things I want makes me sad. Hopefully one of these jobs will pan out and I'll have my old life back. I feel like Goldie Hawn in Overboard.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm FUNemployed

The LA times wrote an article last week about people being FUNemployed.

Today for example I took my niece to lunch and then we went to the pool at my mom's house and played till around 4pm when we went and picked blackberries with some friends. I then came home and made dinner for my roommates.

I need money, yes. I'm thinking of starting a cause on facebook and asking all of my friends for a dollar. I have over a 1000 friends and that money could really help. Its not that I'm not looking for a job, its that no one seems to be hiring in my very selective and small career field.

For the past 2 weeks I have been traveling. I was in Charleston for a week and DC last week. Granted, it was all possible job related. But I had a good time while I was there. I'm not in a huge hurry to find a new job. Yes, I would like to be able to pay all of my bills in a timely manner and not worry about ruining my credit.

However, my organic veggie garden is producing squash and green beans right now. My dog is so happy to have me home and I actually enjoy working out everyday. This unemployment thing isnt so bad. I'm working on my photography and hoping to book a few more weddings and engagement shoots before fall. I also need to volunteer more, I have the time to do it, might as well. Maybe I will go play bingo at an old folks home, I love old people.

How many of you are also FUNemployed?
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