Saturday, February 4, 2012

Men Playing Angry Birds

Growing up in a household with 2 men I learned that they spent a lot more time "using the bathroom" than I did. My mom would say my Dad was in the library and he usually did have a book in there. But I've always wondered WHY? Why do men take so much longer to do their business than women.

I believe I have found my answer ladies. I work in an office with 7 women and 3 men. I notice the women coming and going pretty quickly from the bathroom but the men seem to linger. My beau also seems to stay a long time. I have found one common link with all of the men I have observed. CELL PHONES!

Where women will sit around and chit chat to take a break or relax, men prefer to go in the privacy of the bathroom and play with their phones. I know this because sometimes at my house I can hear the little words with friends noise going off in the bathroom. They check their stocks, check their emails, watch youtube videos, and yes they play Angry Birds.

I feel Angry Birds is what keeps them in their so long. Those elusive levels that you just cant pass will have them sitting for entirely too much time. So if you are on a time crunch dont let your fella take his phone to the bathroom with him.I promise I've tried it and they are in and out in a much more reasonable amount of time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm back! Seriously this is the year you will hear more from me and I will catch up on my blogging. I've been thinking a lot about weddings.

I remember the first wedding I went to, I was about 7 years old and it was a distant cousin. There was a buffet with amazing food, ice sculptures and lots of dancing and beach music. I remember having so much fun that I fell asleep at the table after my sugar rush crash.

Through the years I've been to dozens of weddings, maybe even a 100 at this point. Most all of the them were southern weddings with the same typical traditions. Short and sweet ceremony, huge buffet dinner, lots of dancing, a bridal party consisting of family and lifelong friends.

Besides the people in and at the weddings I've attended, the only real difference is the food. I've only been to a handful of sit down dinners. Most were where the bride was from the north. In the past year however I have attended 3 and about to go to my third sit down dinner southern style wedding.

I've always been against a sit down dinner.
1. It seems like a lot of work to make a seating chart and people are never happy
2. As a guest I dont like to feel I have to sit down the whole time, it makes me anxious
3. Dancing can not start until everyone has finished dinner, this takes way to long.
4. extra money spent on seating charts and place cards that could be spent on booze and food.
5. you cant snack when you are starving from all of the dancing. Those calories are quickly burned off

Those are my thoughts. I want my wedding to be FUN! I want my guests to walk into the reception and be greeted by a room of food that they can eat at their leisure. I want good food too. Fried Oysters, a very large selection of cheeses, a meat carving station, mashed potato bar, boiled peanuts, meatballs, mac and cheese, collards, and ribs

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