Friday, April 24, 2009

Top 10: Summer Road trips

I meant to post this yesterday but ended up having a late and crazy night. A few years ago I drove across country with an ex. We took I-10 from Los Angeles to Savannah and it was the best trip of my life. I would rather take a road trip than fly any day of the week. I know it takes longer but it is so much more adventurous. So here is my list of the top 10 best summer road trips. Some are a bit longer than others but there is lots to see on the way.

10. I-95- Savannah,GA to Miami, FL (8 hrs)You can start in Savannah with a historic tour. On the way make a stop in Jacksonville and Daytona and maybe even leave the hwy to visit Cape Canaveral.

9. I-65 Mobile, AL to Indianapolis, IN (11hrs)Mobile is one of my favorite cities. There is a little island community called Fairhope right outside of Mobile. it is the cutest town I've ever seen. Some of the best seafood also. On this trip you can visit Birmingham, AL and get educated on the Civil Rights movement (its a good tour, I've been) a little farther north and you can check out space camp in Hunstville. You'll move on up to Tennessee and go straight through Nashville. Then stop in Louisville and visit Churchill Downs. Its a nice trip for a weeks vacation.

8. I-25 Albuquerque, NM to Cheyenne, WY (8hrs)This is a nice little weekend trip. I-25 will take you through some beautiful landscapes and into Denver. You can venture outside of Denver to Rocky Mountain national Park. Its beautiful. You'd be surprised how close the Wyoming border is to Denver. It is only about an hour and a half. There are lots of cows in that area, thats what I remember the most. So keep the windows up.

7.I-95- Boston- Woodstock, Canada (7 hours) I've never been to Boston and I've certainly never been to Canada. This trip takes you up the coast of Mass, New Hampshire, and Maine and into Canada. I have some good friends from that area and they say it is absolutely beautiful. This trip is strictly for scenery.

6.I- 40 Barstow, CA to Nashville, TN (28hrs)As I mentioned we took I-10 across the nation. We almost took I-40 which would have been farther north. Had we done this would could have experienced sites such as the Mojave Dessert, The Grand Canyon (a short drive), Petrified Forest National Park, Amarillo, TX, Oklahoma City, and Memphis. Sounds like a nice 10 day trip.

5. I-55 Jackson, MS to Chicago, IL (12hrs) I LOVE Jackson, MS. It is home to the Sweet Potato Queens and I love them. This trip takes you through Memphis also so you can get some BBQ. Then you will drive through St Louis. You'll drive through Springfield, Ill. before making your way to Chicago (another place I've yet to go).

4. I-95 DC to Boston (8hrs) here is another short trip. I dont even have to look at a map to tell you what you'll see on this trip. DC is a great place to explore in itself. This trip will take you through Philadelphia. Dont forget to make a detour to Hershey and the Amish Country. I remember lots of corn when we went here. The city of Hershey smells amazing. Here you should roll down the windows. Drive further north the next big city is NEW YORK!!! What a great trip this would be.

3.I-5 Seattle- San Francisco (13 hrs)This is the next trip I will make. You start in Seattle and drive down the coast. Visit Portland, OR. Make a stop in Redwood National Forest, on down through. this will put you on the Pacific Coast Hwy. I woudl take this on down through Half Moon Bay and into the Wine country. Just south of that is San Francisco. Another quick trip from here and you can visit Yosemite.

2. I-10- Los Angeles- New Orleans (36hrs)This is the trip I made in 5 days. If i could do it again we would have taken more time. I spent a week in LA before we left so I got to experience Hollywood, the Hills, the Valley, and the beautiful beaches. We drove through Palm Springs which was beautiful. They have these huge windmills that power everything. A photo I took is below. You will drive into Phoenix by the end of the first day. Spend a night. The next day drive through New Mexico and on into Texas where you will first go through El Paso (DO NOT STOP, it is a scary place) Then San Antonio is a great place to spend the night. The next morning drive to Houston and visit. Then on into New Orleans the next day. We were there a week to the day before katrina hit. It was a lot of fun and we actually got lost in the lower ninth ward so I got to see it before it was destroyed. 9 hours later you'll be back in Savannah.

1.I-90 Seattle, WA to Boston, MA (46hrs) my last trip for you to take you should spend 2-3 weeks doing. It will take you through the upper portion of our great nation. You will drive through Montana and the plains of the Dakotas. You can detour and visit the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN right outside of St Paul. You get to see the cheeseheads in Wisconsin. On down into Chicago for some blues and a cubs game. South Bend, Indiana; Cleveland, OH to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On up around Lake Eerie you will find yourself in Buffalo, NY. Straight on through to Albany and then you find yourself in the state of Massachusetts. Its a long trip but with a camper and some good friends this would be a blast.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top 10: Best Beaches in the US

Its day 3 of my top 10 lists and today we are discussing the top best beaches in the US. I dont want you to think that I'm just making this stuff up. I put a lot of research into todays blog. I researched articles and came up with a good list that offers something for the beach bum to the ritzier beach goddess. I have beach fever so here goes.

10. Newport Beach, CA
: This wasnt chosen just because it was the backdrop for The O.C. although it did keep popping up in my mind. I've been to Newport, its one of the few beaches on this list that I have visited. Yes its pretentious and the only place I've ever seen a Maserati dealership. But the beach is gorgeous and the people are too. There is a lot to do in Newport. They have an entire "island" of fashion. Its not an actual island just in the traffic engineering variety. It is one of the wealthiest zip codes in the US but if you ever find yourself in Southern California, its a nice day trip that won't cost you much money.

9. Pawley's Island, SC: Another beach I've actually been too. What would this list be if I (a native South Carolinian) didnt mention this jewel of our fair coast. I HATE Myrtle Beach and all that it stands for. MB is a dirty and commercialized place that lacks the charm it once had. Pawleys is about 30 miles from MB and is much quieter. Pawley's has great little fish camps to eat at. They are famous for their hammocks. Any place that is known for making a great hammock is okay with me. This is a perfect destination for a beach bum

8. Half Moon Bay, CA: Now I dont surf. I tried it once and it really freaked me out. However, I LOVE to watch others surf. Half Moon Bay is strictly on the list because it serves only one purpose. Surfing. There doesnt seem to be a lot to do in this area. It is one of those places where you go for the scenery and nature. It is just south of San Francisco and continues that hippie lifestyle menality. I can imagine myself and a group of friends camping on the beach and having a bonfire. Just look at this beautiful photo.

7. Martha's Vineyard:
Most of my readers have the same sense of style as I do so it wont be hard to sell them on Shep and Ian's lifestyle over at Vineyard Vines. Growing up in the South I used to dream of what it would be like to vacation on the Cape. Getting up early and riding your bike into town for breakfast. Going for a sail and going to one of the many parties that I'm sure occur in that tight knit community.

6. South Beach, FL: Want a place where there is always something to do? Do you need a vacation on a beach diverse in culture? South Beach is for you. South Beach is the only beach on the list that has excitement 24 hours a day. It is the Vegas of beaches. I also love the Art Deco Architecture.

5. Folly Beach, SC: Back to what you beach bums want. Looking for a place where shoes are always optional? Where you can bike or walk to restaurants and you are encouraged to take your dog everywhere?? Folly Beach is perfect for you. 30 minutes outside of Charleston is the quaint island of Folly. Oh yea, they have surfers too.

4. Sea Island, GA: Switching gears again to the most pretentious and exclusive island in the South. I give you Sea Island, host to the 2004 G8 summit. Sea Island is the greenest place I've ever been. It is home to The Cloister resort. The entire island is gated and the resort basically services the entire island. Tennis, Golf, Swimming, and fine dining are what make this place unique. It is all inclusive and you can hermit yourself up in one of the many beach villas that dont look like beach houses at all. Here is a photo of the cloister.

3. Palm Beach, FL:
Need I say more than this is the home and inspiration to our dear friend Lilly Pulitzer. The glitz and glam of Palm Beach make it a destination by the wealthy. Its in the 90s year round here and the water is clear and blue. If you can afford to shack up here for a few days or months I'm very jealous.

2. Carmel, CA: Back to the west coast. Located near Monterey, this beach has a rich history. It also boasts some of the most unusual architecture including the fairy tale cottages. The arts and crafts movement became popular here at the turn of the century. There is an Arts and Crafts club, an ampitheater that hosts many performances, and a Symphony. This is probably the most artistic beach community in the US.

1. Kapalua, HI: If Conde Nast says this is the best beach in the World and the Best beach in the US by the Travel Channel then it must be a great beach. Located on the island of Maui Kapalua is known for its golf and beaches. There is something for everyone here. The wealthy can stay at the Ritz, the more modest folk (myself) can stay at one of the many other affordable hotels. There is snorkeling in a beautiful reef, golf, a spa, and of course volcanoes.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Top 10: Things not to eat on first date

I've decided to start having a weekly theme. This week's theme is top 10 lists. So far I have the top 10 things not to eat on a first date (todays post), Top 10 best love scenes in a movie, Top 10 best beaches in US (I'm still researching this), Top 10 summer road trips, Top 10 things to do when you're bored and Top 10 ways cut costs.

Top 10 things NOT to eat on a first date

10. Mexican food: this type of food, especially the beans may leave you running for the bathroom before the night even gets good.
9. Corn on the Cob: It WILL get stuck in your teeth and unless you want to run to the bathroom to floss I wouldnt suggest a first date smooch.

8. Onion anything: Same as above, do you really want to smell like an onion for the rest of the night.

7. Indian food: going along with smelling stinky Dont go to an Indian restaurant. Well I guess you will both smell like it but see #10 for reference of possible outcomes of this mistake.

6. A Steak: What if this guy is a vegetarian? You dont know, its the first date. I think steak is the most offensive food to vegetarians. I have an aunt who is vegetarian and she can barely hold down her dinner when someone at the table eats steak. Another reason, what if he is a meat and potatoes guy and you order your steak well done, he might be insulted. Also, if you order it rare he might be grossed out. Its a lose lose unless you know for a fact that his family owns a ranch. In which case you should go with the Angus Filet cooked Med. Rare.

5. Anything with French Fries: Do you really want to use your fingers on a first date? All restaurants have alternatives so show that you are somewhat healthy and get a salad with that burger. If you're at McDonalds you should cancel the date before you walk in the door, just saying.

4. Big Burgers or Sandwiches: Imagine this, you order a club sandwich that is so high you can barely fit it in your mouth. But you're gonna try anyways arent you?? very lady like...
3. Depending on where your date takes you I wouldnt suggest ordering something that comes with utensils you arent familiar with. Such as: Lobster, Crab, Snail, Sushi, Oysters....when the waitress brings you a special knife, spoon, or fork you better know how to use it or you're gonna look like a tool. If you order something that you werent aware had a special utensil excuse yourself to the restroom and grab someone from the wait staff and ask how to use what you were given (I had someone once do this to me when i was a waitress). 2. Dessert: unless its his idea dont bring it up. You dont want to seem like a glutton.

1. The number one thing you should never eat on a first date is WINGS!! Now I dont know the pseron in this photo. It wasnt hard to find a photo of a girl enjoying wings. Do you really want to look like THIS when you first meet someone??? I didnt think so. Wings are the WORST choice you could make on a first date

All of this being said, I love to eat. When I'm eating one meal I'm thinking about what I'll eat for the next meal. However, my mother sent me to cotillion when I was younger and I was taught proper etiquette. I didnt put this in the list but you should never order anything too expensive. I think this is a given but I just wanted to list it incase you are going on your first date and have no clue what to do.

In closing you are pretty much safe ordering a Chicken salad (hold the onions). Good luck and happy dating.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm officially twittering. I didnt want to join because I have this theory that the past tense of "tweet" is "twat" and I didnt want to be a part of that. My roomate, Katie (I talk about her a lot just so Laura can keep up with her life) twatted about my blog today. She said I blog about funny things...apparently like the word Twat. You can follow me if you'd like but i promise its not that entertaining. I am however enjoying following celebrities. I love that Ashton Kutcher and Jimmy Fallon actually write their own tweets. I also follow Ellen (my unemployment ray of sunshine), and Barack Obama, I dont think either of them Twitter for themselves.

I had the thought last night, how does one become the official white house twitter(er)?? Can you get a degree in Social networking? I looked into and you can Maybe its time for a second masters degree. How cool would it be to say: "Barack Obama is eating a Reuben and then headed to the Jon"?

I would probably be fired my first week for giving TMI. I'm bad about giving too many details. Just ask my friends. When I tell a story I now have to say: "Do you want the abridged version or all the dirty details?" So I want to know what it takes to become the official social media liaison for a celebrity. Does anyone know a celebrity that will hire me to handle their facebook, myspace, twitter and blog accounts?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

my playlist for working it

I HATE to work out. I mean really truly HATE it with a passion. It really has to be disguised for me to enjoy it. I've never been able to hop on a treadmill and walk for an hour. I never will be that person. I do enjoy classes like Zumba, hip hop dance, kickboxing, or striperobics. Yes you read that right. Those dont feel like exercise to me and the time passes so quickly. Especially Zumba which is my new favorite. I even got my instructor to let me burn her CD to my ipod.

Now that I'm sitting at home all day I have to force myself to get up and do something to stay active. It was raining the other day and I literally laid on the couch and watched movies all day. I could do this everyday so I needed incentive. I've decided that my silver lining in the unemployment cloud is that I will be skinny and tan. I went to the beach this past weekend and have a nice base tan going. We also rode bikes a lot over the weekend which has jump started my weight loss goals. I have a thyroid disorder and when I take my medicine like I should it actually makes my metabolism pretty fast and I can lose weight easily so I can not use that as an excuse for being overweight.

I dont know how many of you share my mindset that exercise is torture. I thought I'd share my saving grace today. There were no classes when I went to the gym and I had to use the equipment for the entire 45min workout that I had planned for myself. My ipod got me through and at times I enjoyed myself. here is my playlist that I'd like to share. Maybe it will help some of you just push on through. You can click the links to open the song but make sure you do it in a new window.

1. Kiss the Bride- Elton John
2. Single Ladies- Beyonce
3. Girls- Beastie Boys
4. Stripper- Sohodolls
5. Rock and Roll- Eric Hutchinson
6. I just Wanna make love to you- Etta James
7. I got my mind set on you- George Harrison
8. Sweat- Inner Circle
9. Bring you Down- Left Front Tire
10. Rock- Lexicon
11. Scotty Doesnt know- Lustra
12. Give it up- Pepper (This song is dirty, dont listen with kids around)
13. Make it Funky- Will.I.Am

You might be asking yourself why songs like "stripper" and "I just want to make love to you" are on here. Well there are some hotties at the gym and I think I should feel sexy when I'm sweating up a storm. I kept catching myself dancing on the treadmill. At one point I was shaking my butt. Whatever works right.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my Murtaugh List

I'm not sure why I havent posted in such a long time. I'm unemployed, I have all the time in the world to bore you with my lame days. I guess I'm doing you all a favor. I've been catching up on some tv lately and this morning I watched last week's episode of How I met Your Mother. The episode was about Ted making a"Murtaugh list". It is the list of things that he is too old to do. Here is his list

And here is mine:

1. Shop at Abercrombie, Hollister or American Eagle

2. Have a job making minimum wage

3. Sleep on the floor

4. Hang out in a parking lot with my friends

5. Roll down the windows and blast music that I think is cool (according to my roommate I'm too old for this, its still up in the air)

6. Think Zac Efron is hot

7. Go to kid movies without a kid in tow (thank God for my niece)

8. Ask my mom to buy my gas before I go on a trip

9. Eat whatever I want (it makes me sick now)

10. AIM

11. Slip and slide (it hurts when i do it now)

12. attempt somersaults or any other cheerleading move
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