Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 6: The moment you wish you could relive

There isnt an exact moment I would want to relive or even a day. I will pick the shortest time span to relieve and that would be the summer before my senior year of college. I had just completed a year of partying and making bonds with the friends that I will have for the rest of my life. My two best friends and i moved out of the ZTA house and into a house in the college ghetto. Our house didn't look like a lot from the outside, our landlord promised to repaint but that never happened. There was a hole in the floor in the kitchen and we had mexicans for backdoor neighbors. Jeannie's mom gave us a front porch swing that I painted for us. We threw all of our mismatched furniture together and made it into a fun house. Jeannie and Elizabeth will kill me for posting a picture and admitting we lived there but the memories make it a mansion in our minds.
My parents agreed to let me stay in Rock Hill for the summer so that I could pass math. I took Maymester and was supposed to get a job but that didnt happen. Jeannie took classes too and Elizabeth worked at a local restaurant. When we werent in class or at "work" we had a plan for everyday of the week. We celebrated Wasted Wednesday, and Thirsty Thursday. We hung out at the Kappa Sigma house every day pretty much. There was a slip and slide night in the house a few doors down, yes INSIDE the house (with baby oil). Oh and we got a puppy! Jackson, who is now 6 years old and is laying next to me right now. Here are some pictures from that summer and shortly before/after.


When I wasnt in Rock Hill this summer I was in Savannah where my parents had just moved. The excitement of the new city was fun. I would bring Jack home and my parents loved to play with this new puppy. My mom and I would go shopping and my dad and I would play golf. I remember spending a few weeks at home before school started back. Everytime I would leave to head back up to school my dad would ask if I had any money and I would always say "No Dad because you always give me some". and he would hand me a $20 bill and tell me not to spend it on booze which is exactly what I would do when exiting the interstate onto Cherry Rd! 

Life was easy that summer, I didnt have to worry about bills or about my future. I had another year to safely be tucked away in the confines of Winthrop's campus with my best friends. I had a year ahead of me of partying and going home to see my family whenever I could. I never took that for granted and dont regret not going home more but if I could relive that perfect summer I think my dad and I would play a few more rounds of golf and have a few more Jack and cokes (Jack and Ginger in his case). 

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jennifer said...

absolutely ADORE this post. i'm not a blogger, or a blog reader... but, i do occasionally tune in for your HI-larious works... and this is by far, my fave to date. :) love to you and ALL my beta alpha babies!!!!

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