Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Growing up in South Carolina you realize you are in a small place. A country of its own. There are different regions and cultures but everyone is somehow linked. I've always found it amazing that everywhere I go I find a SC connection.

I grew up in an area of SC called the "PeeDee". I played softball all through my childhood and eventually made it onto a traveling all star team (I am pretty sure my Dad paid my way on because I wasnt very good). I made lifelong connections with the girls I spent that summer with. I still keep in touch with almost all of them. We bonded as a team and we carried that into high school and some of us even today. Now we are adults, we are no longer innocent 13 year olds playing softball across the southeast. Many of the girls are married and some have kids. One girl that was on my team recently had a family tragedy and her story has touched the hearts of the whole state.

My blood runs orange, its always has. I also am not an avid baseball fan. However, seeing facebook updates throughout the CWS about Bayler Teal inspired me to watch. I watched them beat Oklahoma. That was the night that little Bayler lost his battle with cancer. The USC head coach Ray Tanner starting crying on camera when asked about Bayler.
"(Bayler) really became a part of our program. And he was always in our thoughts and prayers . . . I've got to believe right now he's probably smiling right now and a happy camper looking down upon us."

 There are articles all over the internet about how this sweet little angel inspired the SC Gamecocks to win the national title. The article that I read that made tears swell in my eyes was this one by Travis Haney at the Post and Courier.  

Haney has followed the Teal's story for a long time and his article was posted all over facebook and spread like wildfire. Profile pictures started to change to this..

Practically everyone that had any ties to the Teal family has shown their support this week. With all of the careless mistakes made by UCLA in the championship games I really believe there was an Angel in the Outfield! I wanted to share this story because it has touched my heart and so many others. Even as I write this I get chills thinking about this little boy and how his story not only inspired a team but an entire state. I hope this story makes it across the country because we all need a little more inspiration and hope in our lives.

here is a photo and Video of the Teal Family when they went to Omaha this week with their other son. I hope the video works

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USCEmily said...

Thank you for posting this. I, too, know the Teals, and their story has been both tragic and inspiring. No doubt Bayler had a hand in those games...I'm convinced of it! And I've never seen Clemson fans willingly root for us either, but a brave little 7 year old who fought til the very end made it happen!

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