Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 9, 10, and 11:photos

I collaborated the photo days since I have missed a few anyways. my apologies to those who care to follow the rules.....I do what i want!

Day 9: a photo you took
 When you are an amateur photographer it is hard to choose just one photo. I chose this photo of a caterpillar because well how often do you see caterpillars like this? I was in my home town with my mom 2 years ago and was going through a creative period. I decided to wake up with the sun to go shoot some nature. I found 2 caterpillars at Kalmia Gardens in Hatsville, SC as the sun was rising on the creek. Now is the time to mention I am not a morning person and have only voluntarily seen the sun rise when I had an early flight to take or because I needed to get home before my parents woke up to avoid being grounded in high school.
Day 10: a photo of you taken over 10 years ago
Back in 1997 my cousin got married. She asked me to be her maid of honor and she has a small family wedding. This is my family. Pretty sure this is the most recent photo of the 4 of us which is very sad. I have lots of photos of my brother and me. When my Dad passed away my mom, brother and I started taking photos together at ever event we went to so there are lots of those. I wish there were more recent photos of the 4 of us but this is it. I also love my skinny 14 year old body. If you know my brother please dont tell him you saw this photo, he may just disown me.
Day 11: a photo of you taken recently
This is my best friend Jeannie. That face we are making is our tribute to the other member of our best friend threesome, Elizabeth. She just got engaged and wasnt there to hang out with us in Charleston. Whenever she is missing we send her kissy faces via our fb photos. This was a fun night and I was having a great hair day. I enjoy this one

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