Monday, November 8, 2010

Savannah Film Fest= Awesomeness

I am fortunate to have an awesome life and get to experience awesome things. I consider myself Savannah College of Art and Design's (SCAD) resident socialite. Chances are if you have attended a SCAD function where there is a VIP section and/or open bar. You have seen me. One of my favorite past times is networking and being photographed for South Magazine. Its our uber hip publication to see the who's who and what they are doing.

For the better part of September and October I am prepping for the week long event of the Savannah Film Festival. I get to meet lots of celebrities, be social, party, and look great doing it for 7 days straight. Its exhausting, but I feel its my job to represent the college well. I put a lot of thought into my outfits and this year  I was fortunate enough to wear jewelry from shopSCAD almost every night. Below are some outfits for your viewing pleasure.

opening night with  my boys! Dress from Ann Taylor, Necklace is vintage pearls, shoes are pink suede from Rack room of all places!

My very handsome date and I before opening night. It was the night before halloween to we felt it fitting to wear masks. This is a close up of my dress and necklace

Tuesday night, shirt from Francescas. Jeans from Gap. I was wearing flats this night

All of my friends and some new friends at The Mansion on Forsyth. Earrings by Cuyler Hovey King, 

BAZZdeGRANT necklace

These went with the outfit. They are Ivy Maddox Lambskin bracelets with Swarvoski crystals. SO FUN

The next night I rocked this awesome cuff by GoGo

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I think I'm enjoying this time of year. And by this time I mean the dreaded month of November. Dont tell.

So my favorite season is spring because
1. Its my birthday
2. Everything is blooming and pretty
3. i like when it warms up and you have those first few picnic days in the park

We are in the midst of Film Festival this week here in Savannah. I have been hanging out with celebrities and going to some great films. I got to hang out with Ed Burns (he was George in 27 dresses). I still have 4 nights of film festival left and Zach Gilford will be my new friend Friday night, he is the quarterback on Friday Night Lights.

I realized last night when I got home from my after party that daylight savings starts this weekend. Now this doesnt make many people happy, it getting darker earlier. But the way I look at it, my night gets started earlier. I dont have to wait until 1030 to go out. I can go at 9 and wont be the only one at the bar.

There was also a chill in the gloomy air today. This only made me smile because I stopped by starbucks and discovered Peppermint Mochas are back! This is one of the top 10 things that makes me happy when I'm in a bad mood. Its right below Huey Lewis.

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