Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Baby

Dearest Santa Baby,

I've been a good girl and I've had a tough year. The pitfalls were losing my job, having to borrow money from family, having to move to a smaller place, My grandfather getting sick, and not finding Mr. Right. The good things that happened this year were finding a job, making new friends, having fun even when life got me down, paying off my car, and being healthy and losing 15lbs.

So Santa, I think I've done good for other people. I raised $1400 for the humane society of Savannah. I bought multiple homeless people meals this year. I even gave one of them $5 for having a creative sign. I visited people I didnt know in the nursing home. I went to church 3/8 of the Sundays this year. I babysat my niece and nephew when my brother was in a jam. I ran errands for my mom and helped her around her house. I gave clothes and designer shoes to the needy....Santa, I've been a VERY good girl.

What comes with my new less extravagant lifestyle is not having as many wants. So this year I really only want to be happy and healthy in 2010. I'd like to someone come into enough money to buy this house in Savannah.

(courtesy of Cora Bett Thomas Realty) 
If you really wanted to be nice then you'd let me win the lottery so that I could buy this house.

(courtesy of Cora Bett Thomas Realty) 
If you helped me win the lottery I could buy all of the Manolos, Jimmy Choo's, and Louboutin's that I want. Of course I'd buy some for my friends and family too. I could actually donate all of my current clothes to the needy and get all new clothes because I would be able to quit my job and work out religiously and I would NEED the new clothes. I would also love to give my Honda to Charity and I could buy this in its place.

(courtesy of

I mean Santa, there is a lot of good that can be done if  I hit the mega million on Friday night. So yes, thats what I want for Christmas. And Santa If you help me get what I want then I'll take you on my Mega Yatch for a tour of the world from sea as opposed to the air which is the only way you've seen it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Christmas Mouse

Usually I have my own witty stories to share. Today I want to share a friends story that I heard last night.

My friends Lindy and Josh have been dating for a few years and move in together about a year ago. Josh works for the Coast Guard doing oil spill relief. He got Lindy to go out with him by telling her that he once cleaned oil off of a duck using dawn soap and  little washcloth. Lindy went to grad school with me and is one of the kindest people I know. She is carefree and loves to do nice things for people.

Last night we went out for drinks and they were telling a story about a mouse they found in their apartment. As a couple they tell great stories because they play off each other and take turns telling different parts. I'd like to share the story of the Christmas Mouse.  Lindy's part will be in Bold to make this story easier to read.

Lindy: So the other day we made Christmas cookies to take home to our families and we got up the next morning and they were all gone.
Josh: We have a mouse
Lindy: So i freaked out and hid in the bathroom. 
Josh: I got on the floor with a flashlight and found a small mouse hole under the stove
Lindy: I decided to get some mortar and caulk and cover it up
Josh: But the mouse would get stuck and die and smell
Lindy: But I dont want to kill it because it is probably a very nice mouse and we should just let it go in the park
Josh: I saw it the next day and it was no mouse, it was a RAT
Lindy: (closing her ears and squealing) EWW stop, it was a mouse. A nice mouse, it was our Christmas mouse because he ate our cookies and took them to his family. 
Josh: It was a RAT and it had to DIE.
Lindy: So Josh bought rat poison, excuse me. Mouse poison and set out 8 bars. 
Josh: and I woke up the next morning and it was all gone. He ate every last crumb of it
Me: (laughing very loudly) so did you find him
Josh: he probably went back under the house and died
Lindy: but it was a fast and painless death. I really wish we had caught it and let it free
Josh: but you hid in the bathroom and didnt want to see the rat
Lindy: the MOUSE, it was a cute mouse I'm sure and he didnt deserve to die
Josh: But he ate all of the cookies
Lindy: yea I have to make new cookies tomorrow. Hopefully he didnt tell his friends where the delicious cookies were.


Lindy's Mouse

Josh's Rat

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas memories

Today it was 70 degrees in Savannah. Its hard to get in the spirit of the holidays when I'm in a short sleeved sweater. The tree is trimmed and my nutcrackers keep looking at me funny but I'm just not feeling it. I have a few theories. 

1. I am poor. I took a huge pay cut from what I made this time last year and I cant really enjoy buying for others when I have no money. 

2. Ever since my Dad passed away the holidays just arent the same and this year my grandpa is in the hospital. 

3. my office doesnt really decorate, there arent lots of treats or spirit and thats where I spend 40 hours of my week. I'm contemplating wearing a tacky Christmas sweater just to pep people up

But the real reason I think I'm not feeling it is that I'm not a kid anymore. I've lost the innocence that comes from believing. When I was little I couldnt wait for Christmas eve to arrive. My family would start coming into town on Festivus (Dec 23) and we would start the party. The cooking would commence and with that came the eating. We went to my grandparents every Christmas Eve and spent all day eating, opening gifts and hanging out. Here are photos from those good ole days. 

That night in our new pajamas that we were always magically gifted when we got home. My brother and I would go to bed. He would wake me up on Christmas morning, usually not in a nice calm way. We would run to the den and see what loot we got. Santa spent lots of time setting our gifts up. One year Santa brought a baby grand piano, That was a big gift to get down the chimney and me not notice for days. Another year we got a golf cart, Santa didnt always make it into the house. Both of those years I was sad that I didnt have a big present in the living room but Santa never disappointed. 

Dollhouses were put together and decorated. Remote control cars were out of the package and ready to roll, the even had batteries. Santa was so good to us. Its sad to think that he doesnt come anymore. I still spend the night at my mom's on Christmas Eve but I think until I have kids to get me excited a month in advance, I wont have the spirit I used to have. Does anyone else feel this way? 

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Man Candy of the week Alexander Skarsgard

This week's man candy is dedicated to my roommate. Mainly because she took care of Jackson all weekend while I was in Atlanta visiting my grandpa in the hospital. She loves True Blood and thinks Alexander Skarsgard is the sexiest vampire in the world. Katie this if for you! Enjoy

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jewelry and Jesus

On a starting note. Has anyone noticed spammers commenting on posts? I've had multiple people make comments that go to links and today one was in chinese characters. Anyone know how to stop that? Now on the post. 

This time of year gets me thinking about a lot but I want to discuss Jewelry and Jesus. I love to hate Jewelry commercials. Zales, Kay, Jared...the commercials are so cheesy. "Whats a 13 letter saying for engagement? He Went to Jared" LAME!  The commercial with the couple leaning against the window watching the storm and he gives her a necklace. Come on now, that doesnt happen. My favorite is the man lighting the Christmas tree at 2am and saying "its 2am the morning of our first Christmas as a family" and then he gives her something sparkly from Kay. No man would do that. Its cheesy and ridiculous. 

I also think about Jesus. I'm a religious person. I'm a Methodist and try to go to church every Sunday. In Savannah we have a large population of homeless people. My roommate and friends make fun of me because I only give money to the people with signs that say things like"God Bless". I joke that I only do it because what if they are Jesus in disguise. 

Well I was at the Post Office getting stamps for my Christmas cards the other day and the lady asked if I wanted Pagan or Religious stamps. I told her I wanted religious because what if she had been Jesus and I had chosen the wrong answer. I dont care if you think its sacrilegious of me to do things like this and think that way.  God has a sense of Humor! 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Man Candy of The Week Gerard Butler

I was sick for the better part of last week and that means that I watched A LOT of movies. This week's man candy was hard to choose. I just watched the Holiday so I considered Jude Law (love him in that). But I also watched PS I Love You. This is my favorite Gerard Butler movie. I'm currently planning a trip to the British Isles and to see the scenery in this movie and the sweetness by which Hillary Swank goes to Europe, well it made me swoon. So Ladies tomorrow when you are having a case of the Mondays, just close your eyes and imagine Gerard Butler talking in that sexy accent.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Daddy

Three years ago today my Daddy passed away from Lung Cancer. Every year it gets a little easier to remember his life as opposed to his death. I'm out sick today (fever, chills, bad stuff). I'm sure that if I was at work the time would pass and I wouldnt be thinking about the anniversary of his death so much. But, I'm home and I'm bored and I thought I would share my memories of my Dad with my readers.

Just like many other families ours would go to the beach every summer. This was summer of '86 at Kiawah Island, SC. He would probably kill me if he were alive for posting this photo of him. This happens to be my favorite photo of us. It is framed in a Lilly Pulitzer frame in my office.

Clearly I dont remember this and I'm not sure what is on my head I'm sure my dad put it there. He had a great sense of humor and was constantly making people laugh. He looked a lot like Kenny Rogers too didnt he? My Dad had lots of friends and making friends was a natural gift he had that was passed to me. I've always been able to walk right up to someone, strike up a conversation and have made a new friend.

My parents moved from South Carolina to Savannah, GA when I was a sophomore in college. This is my Dad at my parents house in Savannah shortly before he got sick. He decided he wanted a dog to ride around in his truck with him and he went to the Humane Society to get one. He came home with a white poodle named Collins. Collins looked like Mugatu's dog in Zoolander. This dog was a gift from God because he sat by my Dad for the next year as he underwent chemo. This dog didnt leave his side and after my dad passed away the dog became sick and died a few years later at a young age.

So what else can I tell you about my dad? He was an easy person to talk to. He was caring and wanted the best for everyone. He was impulsive, if he wanted something he would buy it. He was a good boss and made sure his people were taken care of. He loved a good party and a Jack and Ginger. He had a great sense of humor, after he got sick I bought everyone CANCER SUCKS! bracelets, he thought it was great! Every Saturday night was steak night and it was everyone's favorite night of the week, our version of family game night. My Dad was the best man that I have ever known and when people tell me that I'm a lot like him I say very honestly, Thank you! that is the best complement to me.

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