Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resolutions and Realizations

Happy 2011 everyone!! My new years resolution is to blog more. Who likes that?

Every year I come up with a motto instead of a resolution. A motto that I will follow daily and it will help me be whatever person I want to be on December 31. Last years motto was 20i0 which means "2010 is all about I". It worked, I did what I wanted and it made me happy!

This year's motto is 2011, why not?? Basically, the attitude I'm taking this year is to say yes more. I go out a lot as it is. I love my friends and have a great guy that I've been seeing. I keep myself pretty busy. But there are still the times I say no. I say no to a lot of out of town functions because either: a) Dont have the money b)Have no one to watch my dog c) just plain lazy d) all of the above.

I've decided to say Why Not more to out of town events. I missed out on NYE in Columbia with my best friends because I was broke. This brings us to the realization aspect of today's blog. I need to get out of debt. I spend too much money paying off credit cards. I've been hacking away at it for a year now and I'm finally getting somewhere. I have money to put aside now that I can have fun with.

Last year I decided to find a husband, that didnt happen obviously. This year in an effort to not pressure that subject, I will just have fun and I will finally have more money to do so. This means the awesome new wardrobe I picked out from Vineyard Vines will have to wait.

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