Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love Post its

Last week I made an impromptu trip to Barnes and Noble. I typically avoid book stores. Ever since I was a little girl books have made my stomach hurt. I remember going to the library in my hometown of Hartsville, SC and the smell of old books made my stomach turn over. I was only like 5 years old and was going for a childrens book reading and couldn't stay through the end of the hilarious Amelia Bedelia story. High school and College brought the same problem. Crazy thing is, I enjoy reading. Thank goodness the public library here has an online hold system. I put in the book I want after researching on Amazon and put a hold on it. The next day I walk in, pick my book up and leave. Takes 2 minutes.

Okay, back to the original story. They had a table in Barnes and Noble with Valentines gifts on it. There were some risque items like Kama Sutra card packs, Cosmo bedside truth or dare, a body paint kit. Then I saw this great book that I started flipping through.
It got me thinking that people don't write enough love letters. I received one in high school, if any of my old friends are reading this you will know who wrote me this letter. It was hand delivered by this guy who had a crush on me. The only quote I remember from it was "Your eyes sparkle like stars in the midnight sky". Not sure where he stole that line from and although it was flattering to receive a hand written, hand delivered love letter....the guy didn't even get a first date, sorry guy!

I've dated a lot of jerks so clearly I havent received many love letters. Its nice to see in writing how much you are loved. I kept those little notes in my desk drawer and would read them when I had a bad day. I do the same with love emails, even if they are from my mom, they make you feel good.

I would love to get a love post it like the one below. Maybe on my car on a random Tuesday. Writing has gone out the window now that everything is digital. When is the last time you hand wrote a note to someone?

I charge each of you to write a love letter. It can be a love post it to your best friend saying you hope she has a great week. It can be a hand written note to your grandpa telling him how much he means to you. It means more to write it down and sometimes its easier than saying it.

Guys, this book is a great gift idea for your ladies (I dont think any straight men actually read my blog). I will be posting ideas for the fellas this week. Be on the lookout for great gift ideas for Valentines day in the next few weeks.

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