Friday, January 21, 2011

Smoking makes my eyes burn

Recently here in Savannah a new law passed. NO SMOKING IN BARS!!! Before it was no smoking in restaurants but you would still go out to the bars and reek of smoke the next day. I would have to come home and shower before getting in my bed. So, you have drunk me in the shower at 2am....Its just dangerous and a bad idea. I'm so glad that this law passed but my smoker friends arent. This is the scene now in front of the downtown bars. I could care less if they have to stand outside

The most amazing part about the new law is that there are certain bars that my non smoker friends will actually go to now. Pinkie Masters is one of my favorite spots in downtown Savannah. It is an institution as I tell my friends making their first trips there. Its been around since the 20s or 30s and people have always smoked in there. I dont think the smell will every fully go away. Its embedded in the curtains. But we can now go and not have our eyes burn out of our skulls.

I love not smelling like smoke and being able to breath when I'm out. I love not having to wash my hair twice in one day. This is the best law every passed!


Jess said...

Hello fellow Savannah chick!

I am a smoker and I was bummed that I would have to stand outside, but since I didn't have a vote in it and can't do anything about it, then I will just stand outside!

HOWEVER, I am SO PISSED OFF at the city for not putting butt receptacles outside. Have you seen our beautiful new square down at City Market?! People are just destroying it by throwing down all their cigarette butts and it is pissing me off! I am pissed off at the city for passing an ordinance and then not putting up receptacles for the cig butts to go. At least in the bar they were going in the ash tray...

Sometimes I wonder about our local government.

Glad your eyes aren't burning out of your skull anymore! As a smoker, I still could not stay in Pinkie's too long! My eyes would burn, my throat would start hurting...that is when you KNOW it is too smokey! LOL

Coastal Belle said...

I know pinkies was the WORST. I agree with you about the cigarette butts. they are so bad. I was walking past locos the other day and they were all over the sidewalk. the city should really invest in ashtrays for the smokers.

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