Friday, January 28, 2011

Little girl beware

Last night I found out that my high school best friend is having a baby girl. I'm so happy because all of my close friends that have had babies have had boys. I got to thinking about this baby girl and how fortunate she is to have me in her life.

Let me tell you about my bestie and I. We met when I was in the 7th grade and she was in the 8th. She was new in town and we met at church. She was very quiet and shy and I...well I'm the polar opposite of that. We instantly hit it off because she let me do all the talking and wanted me to make the decisions. It was a great match.We wrote insanely long letters to each other every day in middle school and when I got to high school. She chose Winthrop for college and a year later guess where I went. We joined separate sororities but still remained close. We were neighbors for a year and still talk on the phone a good bit

I've been thinking about my relationship with my mom's best friend. Growing up I affectionately referred to her as B.B. She lived in the same town as us until I was about 6 and then they moved to Alabama. I always loved going to visit them. When I was in high school she would let me have wine coolers when she came to visit. She was always interested in my life and of course my love life. She was and still is very cool and I have always loved talking to her.

I want this little girl to view me this way. Maybe I wont give her wine coolers, I dont drink that crap. But definitely a glass of champagne or wine. I want to talk to her about boys and how to make them do what you want (hopefully I will have figured this out by the time she is old enough to date). I want to play barbies with her when she is a little girl and send her tutus and hair bows. Her mom has always been like a sister to me and we have had some amazing times together. When she is old enough I will let her in on some crazy stories. Maybe I'll whisper some in her ear when she is a baby and hope she remembers.

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