Thursday, January 20, 2011

ShopSCAD finds

I am fortunate to live in a town that feeds into my creative energy. I have never been the girl who is so stuck on looking like everyone else that I must have the latest Coach or Louis Vuitton bag. It kinda drives me nuts those of you walking around with the same 5 purses. I have mentioned before that I have ShopSCAD for my unique style needs.

I had a store credit there that needed to be used so I picked up a new Vanessa Boulton bag. I love how different it is. Here is a photo of the inside and outside of my new favorite purse. It is a statement piece and I can not wait to wear it all Spring long.


While in the store I picked out a fun new headband. I feel it compliments my style and love of all things Blair Waldorf, HEADBANDS!! I'm getting the one in the lower right corner. They are by Honor Bowman. Thank you ShopSCAD for keeping me very stylish and excited about spring!!

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