Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 29: Hopes, Dreams, Plans for the next 365 days

Get out of debt. That is the first hope/dream/goal. After losing my job last April my finances have taken a hit. I want to get back to the lifestyle I loved and back in the designer shoes I was clacking around in.

I HOPE to settle down with a good man in the next year (fingers crossed).
I DREAM about getting back into my career path and burning that trail up.
My GOAL is to save up some money and wear a bikini next summer.

I feel like everyone's goal is to lose weight. I kinda like my curves as you have read before. I go to the gym and ride my bike to work to stay in shape. I'm in decent shape. I dont have a flat stomach or great arms. I dont really care either though. I think if I gave up eating out and drinking for a month I would lose 10 lbs but that doesnt sound like fun so my beer belly and I will keep on partying.

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