Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Daddy

Three years ago today my Daddy passed away from Lung Cancer. Every year it gets a little easier to remember his life as opposed to his death. I'm out sick today (fever, chills, bad stuff). I'm sure that if I was at work the time would pass and I wouldnt be thinking about the anniversary of his death so much. But, I'm home and I'm bored and I thought I would share my memories of my Dad with my readers.

Just like many other families ours would go to the beach every summer. This was summer of '86 at Kiawah Island, SC. He would probably kill me if he were alive for posting this photo of him. This happens to be my favorite photo of us. It is framed in a Lilly Pulitzer frame in my office.

Clearly I dont remember this and I'm not sure what is on my head I'm sure my dad put it there. He had a great sense of humor and was constantly making people laugh. He looked a lot like Kenny Rogers too didnt he? My Dad had lots of friends and making friends was a natural gift he had that was passed to me. I've always been able to walk right up to someone, strike up a conversation and have made a new friend.

My parents moved from South Carolina to Savannah, GA when I was a sophomore in college. This is my Dad at my parents house in Savannah shortly before he got sick. He decided he wanted a dog to ride around in his truck with him and he went to the Humane Society to get one. He came home with a white poodle named Collins. Collins looked like Mugatu's dog in Zoolander. This dog was a gift from God because he sat by my Dad for the next year as he underwent chemo. This dog didnt leave his side and after my dad passed away the dog became sick and died a few years later at a young age.

So what else can I tell you about my dad? He was an easy person to talk to. He was caring and wanted the best for everyone. He was impulsive, if he wanted something he would buy it. He was a good boss and made sure his people were taken care of. He loved a good party and a Jack and Ginger. He had a great sense of humor, after he got sick I bought everyone CANCER SUCKS! bracelets, he thought it was great! Every Saturday night was steak night and it was everyone's favorite night of the week, our version of family game night. My Dad was the best man that I have ever known and when people tell me that I'm a lot like him I say very honestly, Thank you! that is the best complement to me.


USCEmily said...

What a wonderfully sweet tribute to your dad. It brought tears to my eyes thinking of how I would feel if I were in your shoes and lost my own father. Hugs to you!

Coastal Belle said...

thanks! I wanted to share memories and not reflect on the fact that he is gone.

Katie said...

Oh I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad last year so I know that ache. Your dad sounds like a great man. This is a sweet post!

kanishk said...

I would feel if I were in your shoes and lost my own father. Hugs to you!

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