Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jewelry and Jesus

On a starting note. Has anyone noticed spammers commenting on posts? I've had multiple people make comments that go to links and today one was in chinese characters. Anyone know how to stop that? Now on the post. 

This time of year gets me thinking about a lot but I want to discuss Jewelry and Jesus. I love to hate Jewelry commercials. Zales, Kay, Jared...the commercials are so cheesy. "Whats a 13 letter saying for engagement? He Went to Jared" LAME!  The commercial with the couple leaning against the window watching the storm and he gives her a necklace. Come on now, that doesnt happen. My favorite is the man lighting the Christmas tree at 2am and saying "its 2am the morning of our first Christmas as a family" and then he gives her something sparkly from Kay. No man would do that. Its cheesy and ridiculous. 

I also think about Jesus. I'm a religious person. I'm a Methodist and try to go to church every Sunday. In Savannah we have a large population of homeless people. My roommate and friends make fun of me because I only give money to the people with signs that say things like"God Bless". I joke that I only do it because what if they are Jesus in disguise. 

Well I was at the Post Office getting stamps for my Christmas cards the other day and the lady asked if I wanted Pagan or Religious stamps. I told her I wanted religious because what if she had been Jesus and I had chosen the wrong answer. I dont care if you think its sacrilegious of me to do things like this and think that way.  God has a sense of Humor! 


Katie said...

Oh my goodness, girl, you are silly! I've never thought about a person being Jesus is disguise but I do keep in mind (when making decisions) that He knows whats in my heart and that I want to make him proud.

And they make pagan stamps?? What do they look like??

Coastal Belle said...

they were nutcracker. I got the ones with Mary and Jesus

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