Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas memories

Today it was 70 degrees in Savannah. Its hard to get in the spirit of the holidays when I'm in a short sleeved sweater. The tree is trimmed and my nutcrackers keep looking at me funny but I'm just not feeling it. I have a few theories. 

1. I am poor. I took a huge pay cut from what I made this time last year and I cant really enjoy buying for others when I have no money. 

2. Ever since my Dad passed away the holidays just arent the same and this year my grandpa is in the hospital. 

3. my office doesnt really decorate, there arent lots of treats or spirit and thats where I spend 40 hours of my week. I'm contemplating wearing a tacky Christmas sweater just to pep people up

But the real reason I think I'm not feeling it is that I'm not a kid anymore. I've lost the innocence that comes from believing. When I was little I couldnt wait for Christmas eve to arrive. My family would start coming into town on Festivus (Dec 23) and we would start the party. The cooking would commence and with that came the eating. We went to my grandparents every Christmas Eve and spent all day eating, opening gifts and hanging out. Here are photos from those good ole days. 

That night in our new pajamas that we were always magically gifted when we got home. My brother and I would go to bed. He would wake me up on Christmas morning, usually not in a nice calm way. We would run to the den and see what loot we got. Santa spent lots of time setting our gifts up. One year Santa brought a baby grand piano, That was a big gift to get down the chimney and me not notice for days. Another year we got a golf cart, Santa didnt always make it into the house. Both of those years I was sad that I didnt have a big present in the living room but Santa never disappointed. 

Dollhouses were put together and decorated. Remote control cars were out of the package and ready to roll, the even had batteries. Santa was so good to us. Its sad to think that he doesnt come anymore. I still spend the night at my mom's on Christmas Eve but I think until I have kids to get me excited a month in advance, I wont have the spirit I used to have. Does anyone else feel this way? 

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