Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hottie of the week

Tonight I went to see New Moon with my roommate. I have read the entire series and I have been team Jacob since book 2. I know I'm 26 years old but I am in no way ashamed to be a fan of this series. If you have read the books and agree with me let me know. I am pro Jacob because he has a higher body temperature, I dont want to cuddle up to something stone cold. I want a hot man (literally). Jacob is also better to go on dates with because he actually eats food and doesnt make you feel like a fatty. In the movies Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is SO HOT! He pretty much was sans shirt the entire movie and although he is only 17 I would love to do bad things to him. Here are some photos of this weeks hottie, Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black.


Cassie said...

Team Jacob! The whole time I was watching the movie, every time Bella cringed away from Jacob, all I could think was WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? haha. I've read the books too, so I knew what was going to happen, but I couldn't help hoping that maybe they would at least KISS in the movie!

Katie said...

Awww....I wish I was Team Jacob. The whole time I was reading the books I kept thinking, "What is wrong with this girl??" but alas...I still love Edward. Ha ha. I'm going to see the movie on Thursday when I am in Nashville with my family. I promised my sister I'd wait and see it with her but it is KILLING me!

Coastal Belle said...

Its a great movie. Much better than the first! Maybe because everytime you look there is a hot guy without a shirt on. Jorts have never been so sexy!

prashant said...

The whole time I was reading the books I kept thinking,

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