Monday, December 9, 2013

The Belle is BACK!

Do I still have readers out there? Maybe not, its been a long time. First let me tell you why I stopped writing. Not everyone in this life is a happy person who wishes you the best and I know one of these people. They started reading my blog and taking some of the things I said and twisting them and starting rumors and trying to turn me against people. I consider myself a "lady" most days and decided it was in my best interest to just stop writing and let it blow over. For the most part it blew over and for the other part I stopped caring so much. I know who I am and the people who love me do to and if they want the truth they can come read it for themselves......dismount from soapbox with a double back flip.

So what have I been up to in 2013? Well, my boyfriend and I bought a house back in March. Its a Victorian home in downtown Savannah and we have been renovating it and moved in August. We have a mess of boxes and no art on the walls but I will post photos and show you our progress that we are proud of! I also got engaged in June! If you have been a reader of mine for a while you will recall my posts about finding the perfect man and I finally did.

I never told the story of how P and I met because I didn't want to curse anything. So here goes my version and (his version).

In October of 2010 I went to the South Magazine Dine South event. Its like a Taste of Savannah with restaurants setting up tables of food and an open bar! I went with a girlfriend and I got a Jack and coke and some baby back ribs and needed a place to sit it all down and chow down. There was a guy standing all by himself at a table (I was waiting on my friends to come back, I wasn't all alone). 

I asked if I could join him and thought he was cute (she was wearing a short dress and her legs looked awesome). I started talking to him and eating my ribs (I thought it was cool that a girl was brave enough to eat ribs in front of me and she was drinking JACK so she was cool). 

I asked who he was at the party with and he pointed to two girls and they were waiving at me like crazy. On closer inspection they were two acquaintances of mine. They came over and we all started talking and I figured this must be a good guy if he is friends with them (She must be cool if she knows my friends but i hope they don't say anything bad about me). 

We all continue hanging out and by the end of the night we have taken a silly photo together, he has my number, we are Facebook friends, following each other on twitter and he has already texted. (Thats a bit dramatic).  We went to the rail and sang karaoke and I never thought I'd see him again until he texted the next day (I totally waited 3). 2 days later we went to watch football and hung out pretty much every day since (it wasn't 2 days, it was at least a week and I'm sure you probably called me first). 

Here is our first photo. These goofballs are perfect for each other

They always say there is someone for everyone and with P I can truly be myself. I can be a little nerdy, board the train to crazy town every now and then and I don't have to hide my smarts. I used to be a construction manager so as we renovate our home he is not intimidated by my knowledge or emasculated that I talk to the contractors and handle the scope of work, he thinks its amazing how smart I am.

Look forward to wedding details, home renovation stories, stories on learning how to make a home and buying and selling homes. Oh yea, I also switched jobs and am now a Realtor. No more property management for me.

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