Friday, December 27, 2013

Guest Room work in progress

So the future Hubs and I have been working on our house. We are also working on a separate blog that may merge with this one soon! Stay tuned for that. Back to the house, upstairs we have 2 guests rooms. We had a friend come visit a few weeks ago and we finished painting both rooms and pulled some random stuff together to make it presentable. Here is What we had: 
IMG_7472 IMG_7474 IMG_7475 IMG_7473
I pulled all of the red items into one room since we had enough red velvet curtains for 3 windows and I didn't want red in my bedroom. So this is our "red room", get your mind out of the gutter. 
If you look at at the photo with the pegasus you will see the pattern of my grandmothers white spread. I LOVE the shabby chicness of it in contrast to the vintage masculinity of the Mobil oil pegasus. I am struggling to blend my things with P's. When all was pulled together this was our result, I didn't have any white pillow shams and we have yet to hang our sign. 
guest room
Excuse the blurriness of this photo. We are working on taking better pictures for all of you. I pulled brown pillow shams because thats all we had from P's house. I found a green pillow with a brown bird in with my things and the only matching lamps we had were two aqua blue ones of mine. I had to offer a clause to anyone who saw this room to assure them that I did in fact have taste. 
After some searching on the great big book of everything I found some inspiration that I think would suit our room and help us use what we have. 
guest room ideas
From the top:
1. I love the grey washed look of this nightstand. The ones we have do not currently match the other furniture in this room which are both dark brown dressers. 
2. These are the curtains we currently have in the room but they look so clean with the white and black accents. 
3. I love the modern look of this unfinished wood lamp and think it would compliment the masculinity of this room. 
4. This headboard is very similar to the one we currently have and I didn't think it would go with grey but with the clean white it balances it out. 
5. I LOVE LOVE the patterned navy accents in this grey room. 
I will repost the outcome of this room in progress. I'm on the hunt now for my missing pieces. 

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