Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Back in my bloggin hay day I spent a lot of time learning and editing HTML. I had all kinds of fun widgets and a great line up of blogs I followed. Since my hiatus I've found that most of blogging friends have stopped writing so I've had to clean those up. I have lots about 200 followers that I need to build back up and I forgot how to edit HTML. I've spent the better part of the last day reading new blogs suggested by friends and working on my layout. Please bear with me as this will be a work in progress. I did manage to make a new banner! I am now a card carrying member of Bloglovin to increase my readership. Please spread that word that the B is back!

My favorite blog that I've been reading since working on our new house is Young House Love. If you have yet to check this site out and you love a good DIY done right, you should check them out. They are currently renovating their 3rd home and expecting their second child. They are witty and blog full time so there space looks a lot better than mine. 

Speaking of DIY here are some recent pinterest successes! 
You may have seen these great glitter balls. You use mop and glo inside and then pour the glitter in. I didn't make a step by step tutorial because you find that HERE.  It was very easy and a lot of fun. I did them with my mom and have ordered some monogrammed decals to go on them to give as Christmas gifts. If I can do this you can too! 

Going back a few holidays, I made this halloween wreath for our door. I used a wire frame and bought some taffeta ribbon that I cut into 6 inch strips and tied them to the wreath. I bought the skulls on sale at Homegoods last year, they are on sticks so I stuck them in and put a few beads of hot glue. I also had the spiders (they are actually covered in black glitter for extra sass), I glued those on as well. The ribbon was left over from Christmas last year. In fact the only things I bought were the wire frame, Taffeta and the Trick of treat sign which was $2 at walmart. SUCCESS!!

Lastly, I was gifted this red chandelier that did not go with my color scheme of blue and gray. So I bought some high pigment spray paint from Blick Art Supply. If you have one of these near you it will become your spray paint heaven. They have about 75 colors to choose from so choosing just the right aqua blue was hard. After an hour of texting everyone I knew to ask their opinion I settled on one and I LOVE my finished product. 

Stay tuned for more DIY projects from my new house and maybe some recipes if I can ever take pretty photos of food. 

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Julia Mills said...

Those Christmas ornaments are amazing! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog! Check mine out too :)



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