Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weighing in on new products: Beauty!!

I am a product whore as previously discovered. I really love makeup and beauty products. Some of these arent new products but more the products that I cant live without.

Loreal Studio Secrets foundation primer is AMAZING!! I got a free sample in a magazine and tried it. I have used Smashbox face primer as well as the Bare Escentuals equal. Both are great but this is less expensive and a little creamier. The others are gels and dont seem to last very long. 

Lash Stilletto is my FAVORITE mascara. It lengthens but doesnt give you tarantula eyes. It has a shiny sheen to it that makes your eyes sparkle a little. I'm a huge fan. I also like the liquid eyeliner that goes with it. 

I probably dont actually have bad under eye circles but I think I do. So I use this handy little stick to roll gel under my eyes at night to get rid of the purplish color that does show up when I miss 30 minutes of sleep. 

I know so many people that use this and everyone loves it. It leaves your skin soft and smooth. I even know men that use it and swear by it. This is the best face exfoliator in my opinion. I have the one with a blackhead reducer in it and it works great. 

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Sailboats and Seersucker said...

I've been looking for a cheaper foundation primer..I'll definitely have to give the Loreal a try!! All the others are definitely great products, so I trust you're judgement on that one haha ;)

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