Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Curvy Girls Unite!

 I've been thinking about my other post this week and how I'm trying to lose weight. I am very curvy and I dont want to lose my curves. I saw Jessica Simpson on Ellen today and it got me thinking. When did curvy become unsexy? Marilyn Monroe is a sex icon and she was a 37-23-36. Thats a teeny tiny waist but she was the perfect hourglass. Being a busty woman myself I think clothes make us look bigger than we actually are. I tribute this blog post to Curvy women across America. If you are confident in your own skin then you can change America's mindset about size 2 girls. If I were a guy I'd be afraid I would break a girl that small anyways. We should lose weight to be healthier but not lose our curves. Here are some photos of famous curvy women!

All of these woman are considered "Fat" by hollywood standards. From now on, "Fat" actresses are my favorites. Note that I picked 3 actresses who wouldnt be considered fat in normal world. Below is me with my mom. Its the only full body shot I could find. Curves are in I tell ya!


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