Wednesday, May 26, 2010

another day in the life of a property manager

I know some of you like to hear about my job renting properties to college students. Its an art school so most of them arent too good with the numbers. I frequently have to spell out what they owe and why it is that way. Its time consuming and exhausting sometimes.

SCAD students are going home this week and have to be out of the dorms or their leases are up at other places so EVERYONE wants to move this week. I have 4 move ins tomorrow. Here are a few things that have happened already:

I had to show a guy how to write a check, yes how to fill the entire thing out and where to sign and how to write out the amount. The whole drill.

I had 2 girls who didnt know how to use a dishwasher so we went through step by step of what detergent to use and where it goes and you have to close the little door and then lock the big door and so on.

On a regular basis I show how to change an air filter and take lint out of the dryer. Today though I had to explain to a girl what a breaker box is and why a breaker may trip and what to do if something goes out (her stove didnt have power, the breaker was tripped).

I had a house of girls drop beer bottle caps down the garbage disposal and then called me upset when I charged them for the service call and repair. COME ON, get it together kids.

I walked in a house this morning to show it and the tenants forgot I was coming and there was a naked boy in BOTH of their beds.

On a brighter note I am proud of myself for moving really cool kids into a complex with 8 apartments. I would have been friends with these people in college and I think they will all get along well. I feel like I just made a little party quad and I hope I get invited to the first kegger!

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Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Oh boy. Sound hilarious. I *will* give a break to the girl who didn't know how to use a dishwasher though. When I was growing up, the only dishwasher my family had was me, so I only ever knew to handwash dishes. When I moved into a townhouse with a dishwasher in the house in college, I continued to handwash my dishes. My housemates had to show me how to use it!

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