Monday, April 19, 2010

Weighing in on new products:Household edition

Ask my friends and family and they will tell you that I am a product whore! I love to try the latest product and I will tel you what I think about it. I want to weigh in a few different that I have either tried or havent yet and let you what I think. 

Purex 3 in one sheets
This is a product I have and LOVE! Its super easy to use and smells amazing. It is reasonably priced too. You get about 26 loads for $8 and if you buy a comparable bottle of detergent its about the same price. This includes your dryer sheet though. So its worth it. I gave my mom one to try and it won her over as well. It takes up less space in the laundry room or in your basket if you have to travel to do your laundry. 

Kleenex hand towels
This product is ridiculous. Why in the world would you come out with a disposable hand towel when majority of Americans want to go green?? Come on Kleenex this is a terrible idea. I have 2 friends who went paperless. The only paper products in their house was toilet paper. They gave up paper towels and I was very impressed. I do love paper towels but I use a hand towel in the bathroom. I cycle through about 1 a week and wash the used ones. I dont feel unsanitary.

Eclipse Bucket

Here is a product I am dying to try. If you love green products then check out this website:
This bucket has channels in the bottom that separate the dirt from the water. Its made from recycled soda bottles. There is a whole line of products but I want the bucket. Its only $12.99. 

Reusable grocery bags
Publix is my favorite grocery store here in Savannah. There is one right around the corner from my house. They sell these reusable bags for $1. During October I got special hot pink ones for breast cancer and this past month they had Easter themed bags. I have about 6 of them and I love to take them with me because I'm not only helping the planet but they distribute the weight of groceries and they are easier to carry up the stairs. I'm a fan. 

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Katie said...

When I see you mop, I'll buy you the bucket.
-Roommate Comment :) haha

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