Tuesday, September 15, 2009

South Carolina the home of Bad Asses!

I might live in Georgia now and I might say I'm from Savannah when people ask but my home is in South Carolina. I grew up there and spent 23 years of my life in that great state. I'm so proud to be from a state of bad asses. I dont discuss politics often because I have many friends that are too far right or too far left and I consider myself a moderate. Now, I'm not condoning Joe Wilson's actions but you have to admit that it took balls to do that and it was a bad ass move. And now I give you my most noteable SC bad asses

#1. Preston Brooks

History lesson 1: Before the civil war there were debates for years regarding slavery. In a series of discussions over the "bleeding Kansas" incident, Brooks was angered by a speech made by R-Mass. Charles Sumner. Preston Brooks then asked noteable bad ass #2: Lawrence Keitt if he should challenge Mr Sumner to a duel. At this point Keitt insinuated that Sumner was below Rep. Brooks. A little later Preston Brooks went to Sumner's office and proceeded to beat the crap out of him with a cane. He continued until the cane broke and nearly killed Sumner. Keitt stood in the hall with a pistol is noted for saying "let them be" at on lookers.

Not a noble thing to do but BAD ASS none the less.

#3- Strom Thurmond

Now, I know most people not from South Carolina and many from there think this guy was an old geezer. But I want to note a incident in 1957 when he gave a 24 hour and 18 min long filibuster. You must admit that as obnoxious as this probably was to endure it is awesome that he set this record. Again, that took balls.

#4- "Swamp Fox" Francis Marion

I dont think I need to explain why this guy is a bad ass. I mean he is the father of modern guerrilla warfare. It was all his idea. He hung out in the swamps of SC and pulled a sneak attack on the redcoats. BAD ASS!!!

Thats all I have so far but I am always updating this list. Let me know if you have anyone to add.

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MG said...

I love this post! Growing up in SC myself, I'm so proud of our crazy history!

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