Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I LOVE college football. I dont just love watching my Clemson Tigers win but I know that with the start of football season brings cooler weather and argyle sweaters. I love an argyle sweater. This summer in Savannah hasnt been any hotter than summers past but it has rained almost every day. Literally there have only been about 17 days that it hasnt rained.

Today was cool and felt amazing. All I can think about is how great fall is. I'm headed up to Clemson this weekend ot take in the opening game. I'm moving at the end of the month and next month I have Savannah Film Festival.

I think because with my job I meet a lot of students coming back to school, I see the hope and excitement that fall brings. I've started picking out my fall wardrobe and will be posting shortly.


Jane said...

Just found your blog, great post about Fall! I wish I had more of a fall where I lived!

Katie said...

taking in the game are you?

Southern Starlet said...

I knew you were a classy gal! I love my Tigers, too! Hope you have fun this weekend at the game. :)

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