Friday, August 7, 2009

Things I learned from John Hughes movies

I'd like to devote this blog post to John Hughes. One of the greatest directors in my opinion. His movies, even though I was too young to watch most of them when I was young have taught me many things. Here is a little list of what Hughes taught me.

10. Having a friend that is a little weirder than you are makes you seem a little cooler (ref. Ducky, Pretty in Pink)

9. If you a tomboy and you fall for your best friend (Eric Stolz) you will have to do a lot of work to look as good as the most popular girl in school. Sometimes its better just to be friends.

8. The most popular people in school are always rich kids

7. Nice red sports cars always get you the ladies

6. If you ever stumble upon a parade you should join in the fun

5. Being drunk at Jake Ryans leads to bad things.

4. Driving a car backwards doesnt make the mileage go the other way

3. If your brother gets on your nerves have him turned into a turd

2. Ten year olds are perfectly capable of outsmarting and severely injuring robbers.

1. It is possible to apply lipstick using only your cleveage.

Thank you John Hughes for making me LOVE 80s movies

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Katie said...

Ooh I love this list!!

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