Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sorry to my readers who have missed my witty repertoire of my boring life. As you know I have taken a job as a property manager and have been working crazy hours. Much longer hours than at my old job. But I'm thankful I found something that I enjoy doing and will ad to my resume. I've also had some extra money to shop. Still saving up for my new marc Jacobs dress but because i sit at a desk all day and am not going to the gym in the middle of the day for an hour...I've gained a few pounds and thus shouldnt buy a form fitting dress. I pulled out my bender ball hoping to make myself feel slimmer and then I ate some banana pudding. I'm a bad person.

Since I have a pay check rolling in now I've decided to make my first quilt. I chose an Amy Butler pattern that looked really easy but now I think I have too much going on. Here is what it should look like and I will post pictures when i am done with mine.

On another note. Cant wait to see The Time Travelers Wife. Just finished the book and LOVED IT. that is rare for me because I hate to read. Thoughts anyone???

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Katie said...

Ha ha I love your line about using your bender ball and then eating banana pudding! That is like the story of my life! ha ha ha

And I can't wait to see the Time Travellers Wife either!!!

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