Saturday, August 22, 2009


Since the beginning of the show Lost I have boycotted becoming obsessed. I had never watched an episode because I am addicted to too many other tv shows. My roommate decided we should spend the summer watching Lost from the beginning. So, we have been netflixing the discs and we just finished the 2nd disc of the 2nd season. If you are familiar with the series then I will jog your memory and tell you that the two groups of survivors were just reunited and we now know how both groups have been living/surviving.

I got to thinking about if I were in their position. First of all I would probably have a panic attack on day 1. On day 2 in foraging I would probably pick the wrong plant and be poisoned. Dont fret there is a doctor on the island (how fortunate). Day 3 I would attempt to fish and probably step on a sea urchin. I really dont think I'd make it a week on a deserted island. I am clumsy and not very resourceful.

Where we are in the series they have recently started washing their clothes. My question is are they wearing the same underwear? I mean what would you do if you were stuck on an island in the same underwear for 41 days (thus far). Gross. They dont have shampoo and they are shacking up with one another...umm no! I cant stand stinkiness. I could get used to sleeping on the beach no problem but how come they havent encountered poisonous snakes in the jungle, I mean come on. Someone is going to get eaten by an anaconda for sleeping under the tree canopy.

Love the show, I'm now addicted.


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

My husband and I did this last summer...watched every episode from the start so that we'd be ready when the show resumed. Oddly, my husband lost all interest when the new season started. I, on the other hand, am like you an addict.

Katie said...

We started watching the show from the beginning a few months ago too! its the main reason that we got netflix! I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the episodes. It only gets better!

Kate said...

I LOVE LOST! I can't wait until January 2010!

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