Thursday, June 23, 2011

hello out there

Do I still have readers out there? I have been so busy with life as a property manager and college students moving all over the world that I havent had time to write. Here is my life update!

Fashion show went GREAT! I decided not to wear the shoes I posted but wore some yellow Chinese Laundry wedges I had bought on sale a few years ago. I did get the dress and wore it and got lots of compliments. Here is a photo (the only one I have so far) from left: mom's boyfriend, Mom, Me and my boyfriend.

The next weekend was my best friend, Elizabeth's, bachelorette Party. I was her maid of honor and we went to Isle of Palms, SC to celebrate. It was essentially her high school friends and her college friends and we didnt have much in common. I would like for you to know that the college friends (us) beat the others in flip cup! We ended up kidnapping the bride and crashing a bachelor party with a telemundo VJ star. Its a story to tell in person but it was epic and so much fun. Here I am with the bride to be.

I got back to Savannah the night before Memorial Day. P and I went to Sea Island to see my brother and his family. We spent the day on both Sea Island and St Simons and literally took naps in the pool. It was relaxing and I wish I was there right now.

I worked my tail off the next week and then we had the SCAD graduation concert in the park. It was a good time and I made a fatty new food.

Yep that's an Oreo baked inside a cookie. Surprisingly very tasty! I bought a bag of cookie dough and prepared it, it turned out a little too greasy with the whole stick of butter. Next time I will use the dough in the roll or tub. Basically you just mold the dough around the Oreo and bake.

The next weekend was time for my BFF to get married. I feel I was a good maid of honor. I chauffeured her around all weekend. I woke up with her at 7am the day of her wedding because she couldn't sleep. I made sure her bags were in the car for the honeymoon. I brought the dress and rings safely to the ceremony site.When Elizabeth told me she wanted to get married in a field in the middle of Summer I freaked out a little. Truth be told it was the most beautiful and simplistic wedding I've ever attended. We wore cowboy boots and navy blue j crew dresses. Here are a few photos.

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