Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SCAD fashion show prep work

I've been in a special mood for about a week. I am doing the South Beach diet and just finished week 1 on phase 1. So I havent had carbs or sweets in over a week. I'm down 5lbs after week 1 and between my cravings for all things sweet and carby I'm being moody (Plus PMS during full moon doesnt help)

I have SCAD fashion show coming up next month and I want to lose 20lbs before the big day. Manolo Blahnik will be coming and accepting the Andre Leon Talley achievement award. To brag a little, Andre is a close family friend and once came for Thanksgiving, he is very nice and very tall.

So I've picked my shoes. They are the Sex and the City something blue shoes.

They are ordered and should arrive next week. I'm having them sent to my office because I'm scared the will get stolen off my porch.

I've picked this dress for right now. I think it will be flattering to my curvy shape and still fit whether I lose 20lbs or not. What do you think of this outfit?


Jess said...

LOL that is SUCH a Savannah thing to say! I ALWAYS have my stuff delivered to the office because I just KNOW it will get stolen off my porch! Damn you Savannah!

Kate said...

Oh my gosh, how gorgeous are these shoes!??!

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