Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm FUNemployed

The LA times wrote an article last week about people being FUNemployed.

Today for example I took my niece to lunch and then we went to the pool at my mom's house and played till around 4pm when we went and picked blackberries with some friends. I then came home and made dinner for my roommates.

I need money, yes. I'm thinking of starting a cause on facebook and asking all of my friends for a dollar. I have over a 1000 friends and that money could really help. Its not that I'm not looking for a job, its that no one seems to be hiring in my very selective and small career field.

For the past 2 weeks I have been traveling. I was in Charleston for a week and DC last week. Granted, it was all possible job related. But I had a good time while I was there. I'm not in a huge hurry to find a new job. Yes, I would like to be able to pay all of my bills in a timely manner and not worry about ruining my credit.

However, my organic veggie garden is producing squash and green beans right now. My dog is so happy to have me home and I actually enjoy working out everyday. This unemployment thing isnt so bad. I'm working on my photography and hoping to book a few more weddings and engagement shoots before fall. I also need to volunteer more, I have the time to do it, might as well. Maybe I will go play bingo at an old folks home, I love old people.

How many of you are also FUNemployed?


The Cookie Girl said...

Too Cute. FUNemployed indeed...sortof. I am a WAHM and so by day I can do all the fun stuff and I sell Jewelry about 3 nights a week. Keeps the $$ coming in and still having fun.

Stephanie said...

Make lemonade- that's all you can do! I have a concentration in HP for my master's and yes, it is a small field, but very well connected. Join every board and committee you can, you never know where the connections will take you! If I hear of anything I'll let you know!

BRD said...

I'm currently FUNemployed! My field (interior design) is not exactly booming right now so I'm exploring alternative jobs I could get and at the same time REALLY enjoying some time off! I've had some short-term jobs since I got laid off but am now FUNemployed again and really looking forward to a relaxing summer. Good luck with your job search!

--DC Prep

flip flops and pearls said...

Glad your back!!! I hope you get some weddings lined up. Once you get settled let me know when you want to ship our goodies!

Have a great evening and welcome back=)

Barefoot in the Park said...

what a great idea! i suppose i am funemployed too!

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