Thursday, June 25, 2009


4am, cant sleep. I think my sleep cycle is out of whack. I've been going to bed around 1 or 2 and waking up around 10 every morning. This morning I slept till after 1130!!! Maybe I got too much sleep last night and now cant sleep tonight.

I also have some problems with anxiety and its always bad for some reason the week before my period (this week). My legs tend to hurt which makes me anxious. My doctor said it has something to do with the iron in your body moving to your uterus. Sorry for any boys who are reading this it may be TMI.

Do any of you have problems like that? My Dr said I might have PMDD but of course didnt give me anything for it. So last night I laid in bed wide awake and my left arm started to hurt then I had heartburn and the anxiety of it all convinced me I was having a heart attack. I took a xanax and finally went to sleep. All to wake up way too late this morning.

Now its night 2 and my legs are cramping and I feel like my heart is racing (i dont think it actually is, i think its in my head). Why do I feel like I'm going crazy? Someone tell me I'm not alone.


Ally said...

You are not alone - at all. I have suffered with anxiety for about 4 years now, and honestly it sounds to me like you need more than Xanax. I am on a low-dose of an antidepressant and it has turned my life around! I also have a med like Xanax for when times get really tough, but honestly since I started the antidepressants, I haven't used it at all.

Because you seem to have more symptoms around the time of your cycle it could very well be PMDD, but with the underlying issue of anxiety I'm thinking that birth control alone wouldn't be enough to help things.

I hope you feel better soon - I know how it feels for sure.

Coastal Belle said...

I've been on the antidepressants. the problem is that my insurance will go sky high if i get on them again and I cant afford it. :(

{Katie Lane} said...

I'm totally with you. Sometimes I just stay up all night long because I dread tying to fall asleep and not being able to.

Coffee with Cathy said...

Bless your heart. I so feel for you -- it's such an unbreakable cycle: Feeling anxious about something and then feeling anxious about feeling anxious and then feeling stupid about feeling anxious. I think we've all been there. Can you find a doctor you trust who'll take the time to listen to you? That will help so much. Good luck. And even though you feel alone with this, believe me: You are not.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

You aren't alone...I'm lots older than you but sometimes (not always) have the restless leg discomfort. I usually just take a couple of motrin and they calm down. Have you asked your doctor about a low dosage of Ativan? That helps me alot when the "wigglies" are about to get me.

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