Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm officially twittering. I didnt want to join because I have this theory that the past tense of "tweet" is "twat" and I didnt want to be a part of that. My roomate, Katie (I talk about her a lot just so Laura can keep up with her life) twatted about my blog today. She said I blog about funny things...apparently like the word Twat. You can follow me if you'd like but i promise its not that entertaining. I am however enjoying following celebrities. I love that Ashton Kutcher and Jimmy Fallon actually write their own tweets. I also follow Ellen (my unemployment ray of sunshine), and Barack Obama, I dont think either of them Twitter for themselves.

I had the thought last night, how does one become the official white house twitter(er)?? Can you get a degree in Social networking? I looked into and you can Maybe its time for a second masters degree. How cool would it be to say: "Barack Obama is eating a Reuben and then headed to the Jon"?

I would probably be fired my first week for giving TMI. I'm bad about giving too many details. Just ask my friends. When I tell a story I now have to say: "Do you want the abridged version or all the dirty details?" So I want to know what it takes to become the official social media liaison for a celebrity. Does anyone know a celebrity that will hire me to handle their facebook, myspace, twitter and blog accounts?

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Katie said...

Trust me when I say that "Twat" is in no way a part of the Twitter lexicon.

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