Monday, April 20, 2009

Top 10: Things not to eat on first date

I've decided to start having a weekly theme. This week's theme is top 10 lists. So far I have the top 10 things not to eat on a first date (todays post), Top 10 best love scenes in a movie, Top 10 best beaches in US (I'm still researching this), Top 10 summer road trips, Top 10 things to do when you're bored and Top 10 ways cut costs.

Top 10 things NOT to eat on a first date

10. Mexican food: this type of food, especially the beans may leave you running for the bathroom before the night even gets good.
9. Corn on the Cob: It WILL get stuck in your teeth and unless you want to run to the bathroom to floss I wouldnt suggest a first date smooch.

8. Onion anything: Same as above, do you really want to smell like an onion for the rest of the night.

7. Indian food: going along with smelling stinky Dont go to an Indian restaurant. Well I guess you will both smell like it but see #10 for reference of possible outcomes of this mistake.

6. A Steak: What if this guy is a vegetarian? You dont know, its the first date. I think steak is the most offensive food to vegetarians. I have an aunt who is vegetarian and she can barely hold down her dinner when someone at the table eats steak. Another reason, what if he is a meat and potatoes guy and you order your steak well done, he might be insulted. Also, if you order it rare he might be grossed out. Its a lose lose unless you know for a fact that his family owns a ranch. In which case you should go with the Angus Filet cooked Med. Rare.

5. Anything with French Fries: Do you really want to use your fingers on a first date? All restaurants have alternatives so show that you are somewhat healthy and get a salad with that burger. If you're at McDonalds you should cancel the date before you walk in the door, just saying.

4. Big Burgers or Sandwiches: Imagine this, you order a club sandwich that is so high you can barely fit it in your mouth. But you're gonna try anyways arent you?? very lady like...
3. Depending on where your date takes you I wouldnt suggest ordering something that comes with utensils you arent familiar with. Such as: Lobster, Crab, Snail, Sushi, Oysters....when the waitress brings you a special knife, spoon, or fork you better know how to use it or you're gonna look like a tool. If you order something that you werent aware had a special utensil excuse yourself to the restroom and grab someone from the wait staff and ask how to use what you were given (I had someone once do this to me when i was a waitress). 2. Dessert: unless its his idea dont bring it up. You dont want to seem like a glutton.

1. The number one thing you should never eat on a first date is WINGS!! Now I dont know the pseron in this photo. It wasnt hard to find a photo of a girl enjoying wings. Do you really want to look like THIS when you first meet someone??? I didnt think so. Wings are the WORST choice you could make on a first date

All of this being said, I love to eat. When I'm eating one meal I'm thinking about what I'll eat for the next meal. However, my mother sent me to cotillion when I was younger and I was taught proper etiquette. I didnt put this in the list but you should never order anything too expensive. I think this is a given but I just wanted to list it incase you are going on your first date and have no clue what to do.

In closing you are pretty much safe ordering a Chicken salad (hold the onions). Good luck and happy dating.


Ally said...

This list is right on :) I had a guy order frog legs on a first date. Maybe the thought he was impressing me with his adventuresome eating, but needless to say I was completely grossed out instead. Poor little froggy :(

Katie said...

I somewhat agree with the list except for #6...I can remember more than one occassion where I ordered (medium rare)steak on a first date. I mean, its something I really like AND didn't have to pay for....I'd probably do it again too but I don't anticipate going on any more "first" dates...

Cassie said...

I agree with everything except the steak. If you want steak, you should get it. If the guy is a vegetarian and is disgusted by it, you really want to spend the rest of your life not eating steak? lol

Nathan Charles said...

How about, you eat what you want, and not worry about the other person thinks, because if the date rests solely on what the person ordered for dinner, Im willing to bet it's not meant to be.

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