Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm spent this Lent

LameO title I know. I have to vent though. For lent this year I decided for the sake of my wallet I would give up shopping. To make it worse for the sake of my waistline and wallet I'd give up eating out. AM I STUPID???? This is so hard!

On Friday I had coffee with one of my church friends who informed me that is okay to cheat on Sundays. Well that is great news because my family has brunch together every Sunday. I decided that since we werent going to brunch on Sunday that I would cheat on Saturday night instead. I went to Tubby's tankhouse (a seafood restaurant with a great bar) and had some crab legs. Then we sang karaoke. I cant believe I have already cheated I feel terrible.

I havent shopped though, I think I can do it becuase I've done so well so far. I havent even been tempted. I can go to the grocery store and buy whatever I want. I can also by necessities but nothing I dont NEED. I can go out for drinks and I can buy a milkshake (I consider it a snack not a meal).

So far I have saved $50 from the meals I would have eaten in the last week. I have also lost 2 lbs. I've been dieting anyways so I dont know if that number is an effect of my lent sacrifices. What did everyone else give up for lent and how are you doing?


Domestic Goddess said...

i'm not really doing lent...but i decided i wouldn't buy any clothing till may (but i can spend my birthday money on clothes...my bday is in april)!

aren't girls so funny..i always set out these rules and then find ways to make them "work"

and by the way, i totally believe that milkshakes are snacks!..especially if they are banana.

Anonymous said...

Someone recently told me that it was okay to "cheat" on Sundays, but I don't remember ever hearing that before. I gave up cigarettes and alcohol, and I already feel healthier. :) But you better believe I'm having a big ol' mimosa with my Easter brunch! ;)

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