Monday, March 2, 2009

Gen Y vs. Millenials

I was really struggling on what to write about tonight. I asked my niece what she wanted for her birthday next week and she said "Some fun non educational nintendo DS games". She is turning 10 and for some reason doesnt like Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, or High School Musical. I think that "tween" starts early these days. I'm gonna take all of you back to the 80s. For those of you in your 20s this might strike a cord. This isnt the generic list that everyone else posts, this is MY list. Things that were hip in SC in the 80s.

My favorite toy when I was a kid were Nerfuls. I dont know how many of you had nerfuls but if you did. I had the entire nerful village, this entire village. The coolest thing about them was that you could link their little green roads together and they had cars and they could drive into each others houses and hang out. Okay I know (LOSER cough).
I grew up in a neighborhood full of boys so I played a lot of sports. Most of my favorite toys were my bikes and balls. I had a collection of bouncy balls also. 25cents would buy you a small bouncy ball at Eckerd and for 50 cents you could get a big one (about the size of a golf ball). I went to Best Buy last week and bought a small bouncy ball (25cents for a small one, inflation had no effect on this industry). I have been bouncing it around my office and it is a real stress reliever. I'm sure I look like a goober with my pink bouncy ball but I dont care. I'm gonna throw some in my niece's birthday bag she might enjoy them.

Now to touch on this generation's dislike for teen stars. I dont think all little girls are like this but all of the 10 year olds that I know only like 1 star, Taylor Swift. She is the bees knees to them. They hate Miley Cyrus and think Zac Efron is gross and old. When I was 10 I was obsessed with boys especially the ones who graced the pages of my Tiger Beat and Big Bopper. Here were my favorites.

In case you have forgotten from Left: Jonathan Taylor thomas, Andrew Keegan, Devon Sawa, Jonathan Brandis. I'm not sure what happened to these guys. Brandis passed away a few years ago but the other 3 havent been seen since Devon Sawa in Slackers (2002). I guess Zac Efron and the Jonas brothers are the "it" boys of this generation. They all have one thing in common, Great hair!!

Last but not least, I cant compare the generations without discussing TV. We had cartoons like the Smurfs (today's cartoons cant touch this), Ren and Stimpy (the Spongebob of our time), my personal favs Gummi Bears and Darkwing Duck. We had SNICK which gave us Pete and Pete, Clarissa Explains it All and my fav- Are you Afraid of the Dark? Today they have iCarly which is pretty cute, The suite life of Zack and Cody and Thats so Raven. We also had Saved by the bell which nothing on tv today can compare to.

Thanks for listening to my long rant, to think I had nothing to blog about. What were your favorite memories from the late 80s early 90s???


USCEmily said...

I've never seen the Nerfuls! Where was I??
I loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas. And the last time I saw Andrew Keegan he was Mary's boyfriend on Seventh Heaven.

USCEmily said...

P.S.- where did you grow up in SC?

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