Monday, February 9, 2009

I can do anything HE can do better

I grew up in a neighborhood full of guys. I have an older brother and my Dad and I were always close. I have always hung out with the guys and liked it that way. When I was about 6 years old my cousin taught me how to shoot pool on my grandparents pool table. I even had my own little stick. In order to spend more time with my Dad and brother I grew to like shows like MacGyver. I was a tom boy when I was young and wanted to badly to be equal to the boys.

When I was in middle school we moved down the street from Bo, who would become one of my best friends in High school and still today. In order to be cool and hang with the guys I had to be knowledgeable about sports and be able to play them as well. So I took up basketball, soccer and golf. Funny thing is, I'm pretty good at them. I've always been athletic and since I had to prove myself, I had to be decent.

College was no different. I think I spent more time at the Kappa Sigma house then I did my sorority house. They were my guys and many of them still are. I became the "Queen of Beer Pong" at Winthrop University. They wanted to be my partner because I was good and could talk trash with the best of them. I was an equal and in some cases I surpassed the boys.

Here I am today. Single in the City. I dont live in the same town as any of "my boys" anymore. I've found some new guys to hang out with and these days I have a lot more girl friends. I also have a large following of gay men (yes, yall follow me, haha). The crazy thing is that I have a hard time hanging on to potential boyfriends because of my competitive spirit, or maybe the fact that I beat them in darts and pool. I have asked my guy friends what gives and most of them tell me that guys are intimidated that I'm good at guy things.

Well I'm not going to become ungood at golf or darts. I'm not going to pretend to be a damsal in distress to appease the male ego. I'm here to say that I can do ANYTHING he can do better. I fix my own toilet, when a jar need opening I try until it is done, I will probably beat you in bar games and maybe even golf. My Dad taught me how to check my oil and tire pressure. Oh, and I am a master griller (ask my roomates). So, I guess there is a guy out there for me who isnt intimidated by the fact that I have lots of male influences in my life and that if he tells me I cant do it I will only prove him wrong.

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