Friday, January 8, 2010

I cant write

So yesterday I was filling out paperwork AGAIN for a reality show that I have been shortlisted for. I havent told you all about this yet but I will get to that. As I started to fill out 10 pages of Q and As I realized something, I think I forgot how to write. I spend so much time typing that I rarely have to write things. I misspelled words left and write and my handwriting is very bad. Okay now the teaser that caught your eye.

I havent mentioned this reality show because I wasnt sure how sure of a thing it was. Things are looking good!  The show is called "The Good Life". It is about socialite's in various town's across America who live a good life. Girls who have great designer clothes and accessories and fantastic friends. There is a part of my life that I've only briefly mentioned to you. I am a self proclaimed socialite.

My family is very involved in the Savannah College of Art and Design and I go to all of their events. Which are amazing and oh so glamourous! Every year there is a Fashion show with big names like: Andre Leon Talley, Tom Ford, Vera Wang, Zac Posen, and Marc Jacobs. I have met all of these people and even shared thanksgiving dinner with Andre in 2004.

Film Festival is another big SCAD event that takes place every October. Here is a photo of me and Catherine Zeta Jones.

This year I got to meet Claire Danes and she was super nice. I dont like to brag or even share these facts because they sound like bragging and I dont want to come across that way. However, if this show pans out I will be doing it to make my family and the college proud. I will do my best to shed a good and classy light on southern socialites. I hope not to have any scandals, fights, or drunk hookups. At least not caught on tape :)

I wanted to share that part of my life so that I can keep you all abreast as this unfolds. It will probably not pan out once they realize that I actually hate heels and never wear Manolos. The fact that I cant write probably wont help me either.

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Jess said...

Would still be awesome to see a fellow Savannian on the TV! :) Good luck!

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